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Choosing Back 2 Nature Small Animal Litter Pellets is not only the environmentally friendly litter choice, but you and your pet can reap many other benefits. Suitable for rodents, mammals, birds and reptiles, Back 2 Nature is the choice in litter.

  • The pellets are biodegradable, they offer natural odour control and have no chemical or other additives incorporated
  • The litter is super absorbent and economical on your pocket
  • The litter is lightweight and features an easy pour spout and convenient carry handles
  • Virtually dust free, there will be minimal debris transferred to your home

30 litre size.

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Best ever litter by chaosangel68 on 21 August 2019

Having used this particular litter for many years now it works a treat - it's super absorbent and it does not have an odour (unless it's really really soaked) and for fussy bunnies they definitely approve and won't use anything else. And this is a fantastic price! Won't buy anywhere else (unless I'm waiting for the delivery to arrive (poor planning on my part))

Great service and quick by RonSal on 16 August 2019

I purchased this bedding for our guinea pigs and it has worked well. No dust and reduces odours

Love this product by Christopher Shenton on 25 July 2019

Back 2 nature is just an amazing product. It's the only bedding I will use for my 6 rescue hamsters. This bedding is absolutely brilliant because I don't get any smells from my cages. It is cheaper than from anywhere else. I would recommend this product to anyone. My hamsters jack up their homes with Back 2 Nature especially in the winter and make them warm so more than one use for it. An amazing insulation as well. Don't forget to check animals have enough cool water in this sweltering heat.

Good value by sehil on 19 March 2019

Much cheaper than other places. Easier to clean up with this as opposed to hay.

Perfect litter by Shelly on 18 March 2019

We have an asthmatic cat. Searched for a litter that had little dust, but excellent odour control. Her asthma was so bad we were at the vets every three weeks. After researching different litters we decided to try this product. Knowing how potent cat litter trays are! Wow! Just wow! No odour!! Hardly any dust ... Cat now goes up to 15 weeks without an asthma attack. We have also put other changes into effect but I have no doubt this litter really helps. This is for small animals but we use it in the cat litter trays and I wouldn't now use anything else. No poop smells, no wee smells and one cat whose asthma has lessened. Good value for money. Good quality product. I rate it higher than the well known cat litter names.

Best value I found by Kim on 5 March 2019

I have indoor piggies and find this product keeps my house odour feels softer than shavings, highly absorbent, easy to clean out.. great delivery.. started to buy a few pet things now and have it all delivered once a month.