Purrshire Sienna Deluxe Cat Activity Centre


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The Purrshire Sienna Deluxe Cat Activity Centre features four dangly toys, a scratching post arch and a sleeping platform.

  • Sisal scratching posts and arch.
  • Three dangly balls.
  • Sleeping alcove and platform.
  • Cute fish toy.
  • Plush carpet covering.

This activity centre is covered in plush carpet. The arch and three posts feature sisal material, ideal for your cat to use as a scratching post. Three dangly balls hang from the posts and a cute little fish toy hangs from the arch. Your cat can enjoy naps inside of the arch or atop the platform.

Dimensions: W35 x D35 x H56cm

Customer Note: this set and toys are not indestructible, all play should be supervised. Replace toy once worn.

Click here to access the instruction sheet.

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Perfect for my kitten by Laura on 4 August 2017

My 10 week old kitten absolutely loves this scratch post. He's spends ages playing with the balls and jumping all over it. Would be great if you had more than one cat, as they could all play at the same time.

Great Purchase! by CD on 6 July 2017

This is really great value for money. My kitten absolutely loves it and plays on it for hours or snoozes on it sometimes. He loves jumping on the platform. Definitely recommend it!

Kittens adore it by jcad on 28 February 2017

Great product - easy to assemble - kittens love it.

Fantastic piece of kitty heaven by Pauline Albert Sq on 14 January 2017

It took Bowie a bit of time to get to grips with this as he's still a little kitten but once he got going there was no stopping him. He loves jumping from the sofa onto the big paw and then stretching out and whacking the furry balls. He has now moved onto leaping up to the branches and swinging from them so he can climb onto the big paw. The yellow fish gets battered on a daily basis but he's still too small to rip it off, I'm sure he will get round to that very soon if he keeps attacking it like he has been doing. He sometimes likes to have a little snooze on the big paw, he looks so cute when he's playing or sleeping on this. So far he hasn't used it for scratching on but then he hasn't used any of the other scratching toys or equipment I have for him, hopefully he will get round to figuring out this was purchased mainly for scratching and not playing soon. I would say it's great for any indoor kitten who needs to entertain themselves and I hope he still likes it as much when he gets bigger. So glad I purchased this.

by HJ on 12 January 2017

I bought this for my kitten to try and keep her entertained and to burn off some of her crazy kitten energy (she's a lunatic). I'm happy to say this is the best money I've spent - she spends hours playing on this and it keeps her from scratching my furniture! 100% recommend.

by Jk on 31 December 2016

This was bought as an interim post while we searched for a new larger activity centre for our young bengal to climb! He absolutely loves it and even though he is pretty big and heavy this post is sturdy for its size. He loves to lay across the danglers while he bats and chews the rope covered sticks. He is too big to get under the arch but still enjoys trying to get the toy hidden under there. Highly recommend this product and great value for money