Bob Martin Felight Premium Litter Crystals - 3.8Ltr


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With superior absorbency and odour control, Bob Martin Felight Premium Litter Crystals are also antibacterial. The crystals high performance in absorbing all moisture actually inhibits bacterial growth and cat smells which leaves your cat's tray clean, fresh and dry all day long!

How it works is that the liquid and odour is absorbed quickly inside the crystals and the odour is left trapped inside whilst the liquid evaporates. It is a superb cat litter for any household and any type of cat litter tray.

Please ensure that you dispose of the litter properly. It should be sealed in bags and disposed of with your normal household refuse.

Quantity: 3.8 litres provides 1 month's use

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by Trish on 23 March 2019

It's so much better than the clumping and other types of litter - it is certainly proven as a non-smelling litter - I've got it in my bathroom which is a small room and it just doesn't smell. Does what it says in the advert

Fantastic litter by rachelkellinger on 19 March 2019

I’ve had my cats 10 years and during this we have tried absolutely every litter however this is their favourite and thankfully mine too. I find it the best at odour control. The only negative could be it trails a little and hard when step on them but that’s it! I’ve yet to find a litter that doesn’t trail!

Fantastic product, great value by Syxx on 3 March 2019

This is the only litter my cats will use and I can't fault it, easy to use and dispose of. Would definitely recommend.

I ordered this in bulk and I will do this again. No heavy bags of litter to carry back from the supermarket! by Helen F on 1 March 2019

I've used Felight crystals for several years and my 4 cats really like them. I've tried swapping them to clumping litter or wood pellets, but they're not happy with any substitute. The crystals absorb all the fluid very quickly and it's easy to lift out the poo from the surface. The only downside is that any of the crystals that escape from the litter box are very hard if you happen to tread on them!

Great long lasting Litter by Anna Bella on 1 February 2019

I always use this litter as it is long lasting and keeps smells at bay. Simply fill a large tray and scoop when needed. gReat for an indoor cat like mine or indeed any cat. I prefer larger bags of this litter and normally get 5 litre bags, but my source couldn't get it so I went on a hunt and found it in smaller bags at PetPlanet. Pleased though with the delivery and speed it arrived. Also my cat is happy!

Great product, timely delivery by ReginaB on 17 January 2019

My Bengal cat has been used to this crystal cat litter for over 10 years, however sometimes I can’t find it locally. The price at is the same, in fact slightly higher than my local source where the price is the same but the quantity is higher (4.2 instead of 3.8 litres). Delivery was speedy.


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