Beaphar Hairball Paste 2 in 1 100g


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Beaphar Hairball Paste 2 in 1 can help with the painful problem of hairballs! The malt stripe works to prevent the formation of hairballs in the cats stomach and the light brown stripe contains BIO-MAS to help ensure hair flows smoothly through the cats intestine. All in all helps ensure improved digestion, a healthy immune system and a decrease of harmful bacteria. 100g
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tasty by tazey on 6 December 2017

she likes the taste of the furball paste.

This is the best by Mrs Z on 19 October 2017
by bee on 10 August 2017

very good

Cheap but no use if cats won't eat it by tabbycatnety on 21 April 2017

Unfortunately the cats steadfastly refused to ingest this. We mixed it with their favourite foods, in tiny amounts to start with, they all even refused to lick it of their paws/fur and I had to wash one of the cats feet after two days as the oily sticky product got covered in sand & debris stuck to her feet. The product feels gritty. I will be spending a bit more money and buying the product from the vets in future, which they all take without any problem. Yes, this is a lot cheaper, but not when most of it ends up in the bin.

Impressed by Bedders on 7 March 2017

The paste was missing from the original parcel but once telephoned was promptly despatched.

Very good product by Janet MacIntyre on 7 February 2017

I give this to my cat because she grooms rather a lot and as an indoor cat she moults a lot, these factors make her prone to hairball, the Hairball paste really helps her to elminate this problem also she adores the taste.


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