Whiskas Temptations 60g


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Chicken & Cheese

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Inside the crunchy shell of Whiskas Temptations is a smooth and savoury centre which your cat will find irresistible. They contain no artificial flavours and are 100% nutritionally complete to complement a balanced diet. The foil sealed pack locks in freshness and is resealable to ensure the best flavour every time.

Contents: 1 tub of 60g

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Cats whiskers by Alshaw on 22 November 2018

Great for enticing Moggy in from the garden the minute he hears the rustle from the box he is in before the lid is off.

tasty treat by r l on 10 June 2018

You just have to shake the box and they come running!

by julesgauthier on 21 March 2018

I have an eight year old Ragdoll. She loves Whiskas Temtations, but to her distaste we only give them as a treat.

very economical product by Freda Mary on 7 March 2018

always use pet planet and always satisfied with purchase and delivery.

Buyer beware! by debbied on 7 August 2017

I have an adult cat and two kittens who have a different brand of treats at the moment. They can be given to both ages but in different quantities. It wasn't until these arrived that reading information on the packet it says "for adult cats" so will not be able to give to kittens.

Sweeties for cats by Marmelademog on 24 March 2017

His lordship loves these.


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