ROYAL CANIN Kitten Pack for Kittens up to 12 months old

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Get your kitten off to a flying start with this ROYAL CANIN Kitten Pack for Kittens up to 12 months old. Growth is an essential stage in your kitten’s life because it’s a time of big changes, significant discoveries and new encounters. During this period, it’s important to make sure that your kitten gets the right kind of nutrients to support healthy growth and development.

ROYAL CANIN Kitten Dry Food is suitable for kittens up to 12 months of age. 


  • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: helps support the 2nd age kitten’s natural defences thanks particularly to a patented* complex of antioxidants including vitamin E. *France, patent No EP1146870
  • DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Enhanced digestive tolerance thanks to highly digestible protein (L.I.P.*) and prebiotics (including FOS). *Protein selected for its very high digestibility
  • HEALTHY GROWTH: Adapted content of protein, vitamins and minerals including vitamin D and calcium. High energy content to fit this intense growth period.
  • L.I.P.: Selected protein with digestibility over 90% (Royal Canin).

ROYAL CANIN Kitten in Gravy Wet Cat Food is suitable for kittens up to 12 months of age.


  • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: Helps support the 2nd age kitten’s natural defences by maintaining health.
  • EASY CHEWING: Small chunks in gravy texture.
  • INSTINCTIVELY PREFERRED:  Nutritional profile instinctively preferred.

Suitable For: for Kittens up to 12 months old


  • 1 x Kitten 400g dry food
  • 3 x Kitten 85g wet pouches
  • Kitten bowl
  • Kitten blanket
  • Kitten catnip ball
  • Kitten tunnel
  • Kitten guide
  • Kitten scratch mat
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Excellent value by tara on 24 October 2019

Really good value for money great for new kittens.

Good value. by gareththomas2 on 23 October 2019

Good value. and a nice pack of food, toys and blanket

nice little item by Louis on 8 October 2019

Very cute and the quality of the bits of bobs are good so worth the purchase.The blanket is a lovely shade of red and will bring my new Persian kitten home in it.

by Christine McClusky on 8 October 2019


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