Orijen Puppy Large Breed Grain Free Dry Dog Food

From £40.99

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INCREASED MEAT CONTENT: Now 85% meat, 15% fruits and vegetables.

Loaded with protein from fresh free-run chicken and turkey, whole wild-caught fish and whole nest-laid eggs in richly nourishing WholePrey ratios, Orijen Puppy Large Breed Food features calories and minerals specifically distributed for large breed puppies.

Key Features:

  • 2/3 of Orijen meats are fresh refrigerated without preservatives or raw flash-frozen without preservatives
  • 38% richly nourishing protein and limited 20% low-glycemic carbohydrates
  • Cage-free chicken and turkey, nest-laid eggs, and wild-caught walleye and herring
  • Only 1 supplement – Zinc
  • Grain-free recipe
  • Supplies all of the energy your puppy needs
  • Prepared from Canada’s best and freshest ingredients
  • Brimming with goodness to perfectly nourish the growth of large breed puppies
  • Only meat deemed fit for human consumption is used in Orijen food

Orijen Puppy Large Breed Grain Free Dry Dog Food is available in the following options:

  • 6kg bag
  • 2 x 6kg bags
  • 11.4kg bag
  • 2 x 11.4kg bags
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I love my food! by Elia on 3 November 2019

I am a bernese mountain dog and I have been having Orijen large breed puppy food for the last 4 months, I love it. I look muscular and lean along with it helping make my coat become super shiny and soft. I hope my pawrents don't change my food anytime soon.

Quality by John on 12 July 2019

Recommended by my daughter for my 9 week old Fox Red Labrador, he loves it! Top quality ingredients at a fair price, very pleased thank you.

Well worth the extra cost by Rach on 21 November 2018

This food is a bit more expensive than most, but after doing quite a bit of research I decided to give it a go. It definitely suits our puppy ( now 7 months) his poos are much better and no horrible smells in the evening!

Puppy is thriving! by Dexter Bear on 9 October 2018

I first thought this food looked very expensive compared to other big name brands, but when I did research into ingredients this puppy food is worth every penny. My Labrador puppy is growing so well. His coat is so soft and shiny, he is muscular and lean, and also is very balanced energy wise. Great to know that he is getting whole food quality sourced ingredients and no processed ‘left-overs’ that are found in other dog food brands. Would recommend 100%!

Very good! by Monika Wos on 5 October 2018

Good value for good price :)

Love it. by Tam Mum on 13 September 2018

This food is more expensive than a lot of them but I have a Tamaskan puppy who has a sensitive stomach and I'm more than willing to give him a good start in life! When you read the contents you'll see it's almost back to nature for them.