Acana Heritage Adult Grain Free Dry Dog Food

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Acana Heritage Adult Dog Food is free of grains and fast carbohydrates such as rice, tapioca or potato. Acana is rich in meat proteins to promote lean muscle mass and peak physical conditioning.

That’s why Acana Heritage Adult Dog Food is loaded with free-run chicken, wild-caught flounder and nest-laid eggs - farmed or fished in Canada by people they know and trust and delivered Fresh in WholePrey ratios, so they’re brimming with goodness and taste.

  • 60% meat.
  • 40% Vegetables, fruits and botanicals.
  • 0% Grain, potato, tapioca and GMO.
  • Contains 3 fresh meats – free run
  • chicken, nest laid eggs and wild flounder.
  • Only one supplement – zinc.
  • Grain-free recipe.

Biologically Appropriate: This means that ingredients mirror the quantity, freshness and variety of meats that dogs are evolved to eat, while limiting the carbohydrates and synthetic ingredients that don’t belong in your dog's natural diet.

Rich in Meat – 60%: This diet consists of 60% meat, including cage-free chicken, wild-caught flounder and whole nest-laid eggs sourced from regional farms deemed fit for human consumption.

Variety of Whole Meats: This diet features a diversity of free-run chicken, whole eggs and whole fish, all in richly nourishing WholePrey ratios of meat, organs and cartilage that mimic the natural diet, eliminating the long lists of synthetic additives in conventional dog foods.

Low in Carbohydrates: A dog’s natural diet contains very few carbohydrates, which are recognized as a leading cause of obesity and diabetes. That’s why ACANA limits carbohydrates and replaces fast carbohydrates such as rice, potato and tapioca with low-glycemic fruits and vegetables.

Made in award-winning kitchens from Canada’s best and freshest ingredients, biologically appropriate Acana is guaranteed to keep your dog happy and strong.

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Great product by Ness on 6 April 2019

High quality kibble with quality meat content. Happy with our pups condition and health. Well worth the investment.

Great food by notawhat on 3 December 2018

This is excellent food, much loved by my 7 dogs. Good value for money. The only downside was the abysmal packaging by Pet Planet. In boxes far too large for the product. Both boxes were damaged, one only just holding together enough to keep the bags in.

my dog by jonny collins on 6 September 2018

Wonderful!!! my dog loves this food. he is a different dog. So much more energy.He goes to best behavior dog school and they are amazed at the change.

Dogs love it, great value by oscdecibel097 on 7 August 2018

Very pleased with the Acana dog food. It arrived promptly and safely packaged. Have 3 dogs and they all love it. 2 cats also, but they haven’t started theirs yet.

Loved by my Airedale by Jackie on 10 June 2018

Recommended by a friend, this food suits our Airedale well. He happy eats it and he is always full of energy. He had problems with his digestion when younger but this has settled since eating this food. Quick delivery and reliable service

Once tried - never changed by cmjwalters on 11 April 2018

I've had dogs all my life but until we bought our last dog - a whippet bitch - five years ago, I had never come across Acana before, but was introduced to it by her breeders. I was dubious about this new food I'd never tried before but having read the ingredient list was happy to 'give it a go' and continue what puppy had started on - and since then she has had nothing else. Five years later, having worked through he various growth stages with Acana we're now using the Cobb Chicken & Greens which she really enjoys and we have a bright, energetic and alert, really healthy whippet who literally 'shines' with good health (and you don't get a dog looking like that on poor feed). Although the amount of feed needed seemed small this little bitch really has thrived on it and I wouldn't change for any other feed.