SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect with Hub

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The SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect with Hub is a larger size pet door that is designed for small dogs and larger breeds of cat.  This version allows you to stay connected with your pet’s activities through the Sure Petcare app thanks to the included wireless hub.

Stay connected and give your pet freedom and security with a Microchip pet door. Keep an eye on your pet while you’re out of the house, lock the door remotely and monitor their behaviour over time.

This pet door reads your pets existing microchip and only opens for them. Combined with the included SureFlap hub, this pet door monitors when your pet enters and leaves the house and sends this information to the free Sure Petcare app you can download to your IOS/Android device. The app also allows you to monitor your pet’s activity throughout the day with graphs that show you how often your pet has been in or out and for how long. The added locking modes and curfew features can be controlled directly from the app.

  • Lock or unlock the pet door remotely from the Sure Petcare app, even when you’re not at home
  • Check if your pet is at home, keep track of long-term activity to spot changes in behaviour
  • Stay up to date and receive a notification when your pet goes in or out via the pet door
  • Reads your pet’s existing microchip and prevents intruder animals from entering your home
  • Curfew mode allows you to lock and unlock the pet door at specified times and can be changed at any time using the app.
  • App access can be shared with friends, with their access permissions being managed by you
  • Connect the pet door with the included hub to link with the Sure Petcare app.
  • Designed for large cats and small dogs
  • Battery powered with up to 6 months battery life 4x C cell batteries required – not included
  • Works as a standard Microchip Pet Door if no hub is connected.
  • The FREE Sure Petcare app is available on IOS and Android app stores or can be accessed via a web browser

The SureFlap Hub acts as the link between your internet router, the Microchip Pet Door Connect and the Sure Petcare app. The hub is required to use the Microchip Pet Door Connects extra features. The hub can be used with up to 10 other SureFlap devices.

  • Connects to the internet via an Ethernet cable and monitors the activity of your pet door wirelessly
  • Control up to 10 SureFlap Connect devices from one hub
  • Only SureFlap Connect products can be connected to a hub. Cannot be used with standard SureFlap products
  • Supplied with a power supply and Ethernet cable
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