PetPlanet Sloping Dog Cage with Mat

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£29.99 Medium 78x54cm

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The PetPlanet Sloping Dog Cage with Mat is designed to fit the boot interior of most cars and SUVs.


  • Secure 2 bolt latches on the door
  • Comes with a comfy non-slip mat
  • Has an easy to clean removable plastic tray
  • Epoxy coated metal to provide excellent corrosion resistance
  • Folding suitcase style with handle for easy transport
  • No tools required for assembly.

Customer Notice: Petplanet recommends following advice on cage training and dogs should not be left unattended until they are happy being confined. This is not a pet carrier and not recommended for carrying pets. 


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Ok by TL on 2 October 2019

The large size crate fits in my 2016 Nissan X Trial. The crate fits well with the depth and width but it could do with being slightly higher. If you have a dog bigger than a Labrador than this cage is not for you. We have a 35kg lab and when he stands up his back is level with the crate, he is fine when lying down but I think we will be changing it soon.

Fits Outlander PHEV by Brian N Turnbull on 23 September 2019

Perfect size for my dog and car.

Poor quality by rickski on 20 September 2019

Bought this to fit in my car as my puppy's other crate is to high , fitted in the car ok. The standard of finish was very poor,had to spend an hour with a file to remove all the burrs and rough ends and used cable ties to secure sides.Would have returned but needed the crate for a car journey..

Pet Planet Says: Thank you for your review . I have emailed you regarding the issues with this product. Kind Regards Petplanet Customer Care

Perfect by Christine Farnworth on 16 September 2019

Bought this crate to fit in the boot of our Ford Zetec.. Its fits well but we couldn't open the door. Weplaced three wooden. Planks across the boot to raise it slightly and we can now open the door. We are going to get somme of those foam squares to put berween wood and crate as we it squeaks a bit when we go over bumps. Our medium size Sheltie cross has lots of room to stand,turn and stretch. Very pleased easy to open and close..good buy.

Faulty and dangerous for a puppy by kershwood on 23 August 2019

Unfortunately there were 2 faults: the top latch wouldn’t fasten as it was misaligned and one of the wires wasn’t welded on. The finish was poor too as there were many sharp edges that my Sprocker puppy could have easily cut his face or paw on if he’d pushed them through the bars. The mat wasn’t non-slip ether.

Great purchase by Karen on 18 July 2019

Bought the medium sized crate for my 2 jack russells and was not disappointed. Both dogs fit in comfortably and have room to spare. The crate was also just the right size to fit in my C3 Aircross car. Very happy.