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The PETKIT Smart Pet Bowl Fresh Metal Bowl will give an accurate feed weight for your medium or large breed dog as you pour. Give your pet an accurate and constant amount of food at each feeding time. Keep your pet healthy and stop obesity in your furry friend.

Large Bowl for Big Appetites: With a capacity of 1.7L and 750g for food, the Fresh Metal Bowl can feed a medium or large dog comfortably.

Weighing Accuracy: The PetKit App will use your pets basic profile of it's weight and breed against the food brand you feed to give custom daily feeding amounts to your pet. This allows a more accurate representation of the amount of food that your pet needs to receive to keep your pet healthy. The PETKIT Smart Pet Bowl Fresh Metal Bowl weighs the food as you pour to save the need for scales.

Cleaning: The bowl is designed to make cleaning easy as the metal bowl can be dismantled from the unit for washing. The metal bowl can be put in the dishwasher safely.

Battery Life: The bowl is electronic although can be used with batteries if taking it travelling. A set of AAA batteries will keep your bowl running for up to one year without the need for changing.

Anti-Skid: The bottom of the bowl has 4 rubberised grips to help it grip to the floor.

  • Anti-overflow design prevents any spillage when filling the bowl with food
  • Anti-skid Base
  • Easy to wash in dishwasher or by hand
  • Easy to see screen at a 37 degree angle
  • Accurate weighing for pets on special diets or for overweight and obese pets
  • Digital Scale that converts Weight from grams to pounds if needed
  • 5 degree angle to make feeding more comfortable for your pet

Dimensions: W27cm x D27cm x H11.3cm
Weight: 1.4kg
Colour: White/Wood Texture

Download the free app 'PETKIT (International)' from either Google Play or iOS depending on whether or not you have an Android or Apple smartphone. The Fit P2 monitor available to buy here (78003) will track and record calorie expenditure of your pet, how much activity your pet is getting through movements, different sleep levels from short to long periods and even the type of mood your dog has been in for that day. The P2 Fit records your pets activity and sends a constant stream of data to the cloud which makes calculations and analysis giving the results on the APP. The amount of calorie expenditure from your pet can be calculated when combined with the PetKit Fresh Smart Bowl, making analysis against food, quantity and consumption trends allow for a conclusion on how much your pet should consume daily. The PETKIT Smart Pet Bowl Fresh Metal Bowl can then be used to give your pet accurate amounts of food to suit their monitoring results.

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