Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

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Turn exercise time into the best fun you’ve ever had with this fantastic Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster.

This robust blaster shoots the supplied tennis ball a whopping 50 feet, which should give your canine friend plenty of activity as they chase it down time after time.

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as it says its a good dog toy by the dude on 8 January 2019

It is a good way to get our dog interested in ball retrieval and it works as its states - it would be better if it shot the ball further but it is exactly as it was described to us so 10/10

Disappointed to say the least. by Steven Beveridge on 28 December 2018

Bought this and got the kids excited as to how far it went. Opened it and tried it Christmas Day. Only goes about 10 ft. Not sure if mines is broken but definitely not as described. Don’t bother to use it as can throw further.

Pet Planet Says: Thank you for your review. I have emailed you regarding the issues with this product. Kind Regards Petplanet Customer Care

Really good fun by DLG on 3 January 2018

This product is exactly as described, although we use a proper tennis ball so don’t achieve the 50 ft as mentioned in the description. But it is probably a good 30-40 feet. My older labradoodle doesn’t need to exercise by running long distances so is very happy with this product. My younger labradoodle likes to run much further than this product provides so we still use our ball flicker for that. The Nerf is a bit heavy but this is due to its decent construction and you need to be able to pull the slider back in order to load the ball inside, so if you have finger/hand disability you may struggle with this. Generally this is a great fun product and very recommended.

Brilliant, great entertainment by Sonicbetty on 31 August 2017

My dog Ioves it, she loves running around as being an active dog. My only downside is it doesn't actually go as far as I thought. But it's great makes her run around and eventually wears her out.

Favourite toy by Mrs Jeffery on 4 August 2017

My dog really likes the nerf dog tennis ball blaster. It's been great for exercising her whilst I wasn't able to walk her due to an injury to my knee. Petplanet very helpful too.

Dogs love it! by lynn151 on 2 February 2017

Purchased two ball blasters for two active obsessive ball chasers. The girls love it and keeps them entertained for ages.... one stopped working which was disappointing for the girls... now they only had one ball to chase...I rang customer service, explained the situation and without hesitation they offered to send me another one. .... will soon have happy dogs once again... The ball always goes in the direction it is aimed. It goes far enough to keep the girls happy and It also picks the ball up so we don't have to handle a very slobbered on ball... Well worth having.