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Raw feeding is a diet based on the principle that dogs and cats are carnivores designed to eat raw meat and bones due to their teeth structure, jaws, stomach acid PH and digestive system.

Naturally nourishing, easily digested and highly palatable, raw feeding is growing in popularity with cat owners as it is an excellent alternative to a dried and processed diet and can be particularly beneficial for dogs and cats with sensitive digestion or food intolerances.

Some commonly reported benefits of feeding a raw diet are:

  • Fresher breath, cleaner whiter teeth
  • More stable energy - less hyperactivity
  • Easier to digest, sensitive stomachs improve
  • Reduction of allergies and intolerances
  • Highly palatable – suits even the fussiest of eaters

This 48 pack of Natures Menu Multipack Cat Food pouches is a deliciously natural complete and nutritionally balanced meal for adult cats.

Multipack Includes:

  • 16 x Chicken and Turkey 100g pouches
  • 16 x Beef with Chicken 100g pouches
  • 16 x Chicken with Salmon & Tuna 100g Pouches

Grain free and made with 70% ethically sourced meat and packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including taurine.

Natures Menu pouches are filled with quality raw ingredients, then steam cooked to ensure all the Natures Menu goodness stays locked in.

  • Made with up to 70% Real Meat.
  • Grain and Gluten Free.
  • Contains no meat meals or meat derivatives.
  • Free from sugars, cereals and fillers.
  • Steam cooked to retain nutrients.
  • Complete and nutritionally balanced.
  • Ethically Sourced Ingredients.
  • Human Grade Meat.
  • Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.
  • Vet approved

Please note that if you are choosing to switch your cat’s current food to our natural meals for cats then you should prepare for a period of transition.

Cats are inherently suspicious of changes to their environment, meaning a successful transition to a new food requires a level of time and patience.

Natures Menu only use quality, human grade meats in their pouches, and absolutely no meat meals or meat derivatives. All of their complete and balanced meals are veterinary approved and made to FEDIAF guidelines.

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Great food by Julie on 10 October 2019

I love this product and so do my cats. Content of cat food is important to me to make sure they get the best nutrition possible. This is high inn meat content and the proof is in my cats who have soft shiny coats and are in v good.

Quality product by Steve on 1 October 2019

Was introduced to Natures Menu by a relative when we adopted her cat. Now that one and our other two cats all enjoy Natures Menu.

by Jennie on 28 September 2019

Excellent value, service and prompt delivery. I cannot fault it

I thought this was a good product but my cat will not touch it :( by Sara on 24 September 2019

I am always looking for the best options of available food for my cat ( outdoor 5 y MN) who is becoming very fussy... I bought nature menu because wanted a less processed wet diet for him..and this looked much better of the average available on the market. I bought 2 X 48 mixed sachets but he will not eat it! He does not like the smell nor the pate' consistence of the product...I tried to mash it, add water etc but he turns away and wants to eat Sheba instead - which I am not really happy about :(

Cats love it! by heidi on 18 April 2019

My cats absolutely love this food! Always clean bowls when they’re finished. The food itself is very nutritional for them compared to other brands and it shows in their glossy coat and bright eyes. I also use the Natures menu kitten food.

Excellent product by Victoria on 28 March 2019

Fantastic product our diabetic cat loves this and it's one of the best cat foods to feed him.


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