Pawsecco Pet-house Wine for Cats and Dogs 250ml

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Now you can share a glass of wine with your furry friend with Pawsecco Pet-house Wine.  This non-alcoholic, non-carbonated, and grape-free wine is perfect for enjoying a small tipple with your four legged friend.

  • Healthy herbal infusion
  • Elderflower and Nettle for great coats and skin
  • Gringko which is full of antioxidants
  • Limeflower which is a natural calmant and good for supporting mobility
  • Rick in vitamins and minerals
  • Contents: 250ml



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cats hate it by g on 30 December 2018

I work as a cat sitter so visit about 18 cats a day at Christmas / New Year. I gave this to every single one of the cats on Christmas, and when poured over their normal food, as instructed by the bottle, the cats then refuse to touch their normal food. They certainly don't touch it when it is poured into a bowl on its own. Bad gimmick. No logically tempting ingredients for cats whatsoever. You'd think they'd at least put catnip or valerian in it?!