Iris Open Top Litter Box - 53cm Width


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The Iris Open Top Litter Box solves the problem of scattering litter with a vertical design and grooved lid.

  • Stylish design
  • Catch litter with the grooves on the lid to prevent scattering
  • Design contains odours
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes scoop
  • Scoop hook inside convenient for storage

Dimensions: W53 x D41 x H37cm
Entrance Hole: W26.5 x D23cm

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Game changer! by Christina on 8 November 2018

Can't recommend this litter box enough! Like others I was fed up with litter all over the place and the odd wet accident... Saw this on offer for £12.99 so thought I'd give it a go. And to my surprise my cat took to it instantly. It's a really good size, and stylish! Would highly recommend!!!

by rosejamesrose56 on 8 November 2018

We both love it ,so big.

Good Quality large litter box by ChesterandRuby on 30 October 2018

This item is good quality and easy to set up. Only thing is I can't find a liner big enough because it is very deep. I put this next to my kitten's exisiting litter tray and she went into it straight away. I bought this to stop my dogs getting into the litter and eating it and I believe it has worked.

Great product by michelledunn1962 on 30 October 2018

I was a bit sceptical when I saw this litter box. Having 3 cats, two of which use a litter box, I was so sick of having litter all over the place (not the mention the dog snaffling the delightful cat “truffles” ) that, after reading the reviews I thought I’d give it a go. Especially at £12.99 my thinking was if they don’t use it it’s not a fortune. I had measured it up but nonetheless when it arrived I was a bit concerned it would be too big and my husband would end up moaning about it. However it tucked away quite nicely. The best thing is that both the young cats who use a box were straight in there with no reservations - perhaps they had been wanting such privacy all along! It has stopped the tracking of litter everywhere and to date the dog hasn’t had her head in there. It’s easy to clean out and handy to have somewhere to hang the scooper. All in all a great product currently at a great price. To be honest I wouldn’t have bought it at the supposed retail price of £39 to try in case it hadn't worked out but I might have done so if I’d have known how good it is.

Brilliant by Helen M on 25 October 2018

This litter tray works really well. The cats took to it straight away and the dogs can’t access the tray! Perfect!

Great by Miss P on 17 October 2018

Great product. Our Bengals jumped and and used them as soon as I filled them with cat litter! Would be great if they had handles for carrying and perhaps a little tray for when carrying the scoop to the toilet/bin. They look great and the cats love them, its great for us as there is no urine escaping from the joins as they are one big bucket.


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