Iris Open Top Litter Box - 53cm Width


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The Iris Open Top Litter Box solves the problem of scattering litter with a vertical design and grooved lid.


  • Stylish design
  • Catch litter with the grooves on the lid to prevent scattering
  • Design contains odours
  • Easy to clean, removeable lid (press button on side)
  • Includes scoop
  • Scoop hook inside convenient for storage


Dimensions: W53 x D41 x H37cm
Entrance Hole: W26.5 x D23cm

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The best by Denise Hyde on 11 December 2018

I've been looking for a litter tray like this for so long! My cat used it straight away...I think he's happy to have fresh air while using it. There's also no spills or leaks, it's very easy to clean and a super size. Also such good value for money!! My cat has stopped weeing on the front door mat too!!

alot less mess! by artistem on 3 December 2018

didn't take our boy 2 minutes to start using this instead of the front opening with a door. We have 2 dogs as well, one of which loves to raid the litter tray so litter used to end up on the floor. This has stopped all that and made life much it's a great hiding place to jump out from. The price was fab and it doesn't look like a eyesore in the lounge.

Super Litter Box by amberrh on 30 November 2018

Was a bit apprehensive about purchasing this for our Siamese kitten. However she took to it straight away and it’s been a winner ever since. Modern look and easy to clean.

Great product by Kaz on 28 November 2018

This litter box is perfect as it’s so deep, so no litter on the carpet. My Bengals love it.

Marvellous by Freya on 26 November 2018

I’m so particular about what’s on show in my house I was loathed to by an ugly flap cat flap litter tray and saw this and thought it’s the better of two evils so got it. Also got a shallow open tray as our kitten was only 9 weeks old and I was worried he wouldn’t be able to get up and in and out. But not one problem. He chose this one to use from day one and just jumped and stretched to get in. The lid stops litter from being tracked everywhere and because it’s top loading the smell doesn’t creep out. Also super easy to clean and empty. It’s honestly a game changer and I love it. Will never go back to other trays. 100% recommend

Game changer! by Christina on 8 November 2018

Can't recommend this litter box enough! Like others I was fed up with litter all over the place and the odd wet accident... Saw this on offer for £12.99 so thought I'd give it a go. And to my surprise my cat took to it instantly. It's a really good size, and stylish! Would highly recommend!!!


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