Iris Open Top Litter Box - 53cm Width


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The Iris Open Top Litter Box solves the problem of scattering litter with a vertical design and grooved lid.

  • Stylish design
  • Catch litter with the grooves on the lid to prevent scattering
  • Design contains odours
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes scoop
  • Scoop hook inside convenient for storage

Dimensions: W53 x D41 x H37cm
Entrance Hole: W26.5 x D23cm

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Fab litter box by Adelle1967 on 12 June 2018

Cat loves it and so do we. No smells no mess and finally a litter box the dog can’t get into! Love it.

Love it by Miek on 8 June 2018

Attractive design and functional. Less litter outside the box and my toddler can't easily scoop the litter out anymore :)

My cats love this by lisad on 8 April 2018

I bought this as my cats kept missing the litter tray and I just didn't know what to do, I saw this and looked at the reviews so gave it a try, my cats now don't make a mess outstide the litter box and it's so good my daughter is buying one for her cats as well, I would definitely recommend it to any cat owners

Brilliant by jo on 6 April 2018

The first thing to notice is it’s size! It’s practically a swimming pool, which is great as it is plenty spacious for a larger cat or Tom. The main box is made from a flexible softish plastic, which is nice and light, good to handle and easy to clean. The best thing about this box is that the dog can no longer help herself to the delicious little treats that the cat leaves behind. BINGO! It has also slightly reduced the amount of litter that is scattered over the floor, as for the most part the paw pad clingers now stay behind on the lid. It’s looks neat and sleek and with it’s smooth and contemporary lines it looks less like a litter box, which is always nice. I changed from a more traditional style box and my 7 month old cat went straight in there, no hesitation. A great buy and well worth the money.

Brilliant! by atschofield on 30 March 2018

We've tried two different front entry litter boxes but our cat is so eager that the contents usually ended up on the mat. This does the trick - a bit heavy to lift but purrrfect in every other respect.

A cat loo that actually looks nice! And works really well .... by thecatsmother on 8 March 2018

I decided to try a top-entry litter box as my boys were 'entire' until rather late in life, which seems to have left them with a desire to pee up against things. My old litter tray had a clip on lid and although the join looked very secure, I noticed some leakage. Cue the Iris litter box. It is quite large, yes, but my boys are two strapping Maine Coons, so it needs to be. I did wonder how well they would adapt to it, but adding a little used litter to the first fill to give it their smell seemed to do the trick. They seem to like the box. I think they like the privacy of being enclosed, and of course they can now pee against the sides all they like! I have the impression that nasty smells are better contained with this kind of litter box as well. All in all, not cheap, but very well designed and made and in my view, worth every penny.


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