Petplanet DIY Cardboard Scratcher

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The Petplanet DIY Cardboard Scratcher allows you to shape your own cat scratcher using a variety of shapes.

This shape is made of corrugated paper that your cat can work its claws on. Your cat will love working its claws on the different surfaces of the scratcher. The cat scratcher shapes can be added together using plastic clips, which are sold separately.

  • Made of corrugated paper.
  • Customisable.

Cats scratching is normal and healthy. They scratch objects in their environment to remove the dead outer layer of their claws, to mark their territory by leaving both a visual mark and a scent, and to stretch their bodies and flex their feet and claws.

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Cats not bothered!! by Mal on 12 February 2019

Purchased this thinking our 3 cats would love it but none of them really take any notice of it. Not sure if it's the design as it seems to be a bit tight when one of our cats finally did jump in it. However they haven't been back in it since so can't really recommend it i'm afraid.

Cat loves them but could stack better by Rob on 3 September 2018

We only recently discovered that our cat loves cardboard scratchers. These looked to be a good balance between happy cat and reasonable looking in the house. They work well. The only problem - and it is odd as it should have been so easy to get right - is that these 'Tetris' parts do not stack as well as they should. The basics should be that the parts are all designed around one measurement and multiples of that measurement - that's what makes them stack in the game. But the actual part dimensions vary so that the blocks don't always stack neatly as would be expected. Hence only 4 start - could so easily have been 5!

by Kate Warner on 5 February 2018

My cats do love their cardboard cat tower but don't expect the different shapes to fit together perfectly - there will be gaps and some shapes are wider than others. To be fair the plastic clips were not available to buy but even screwing them together didn't improve some of the gaps. I also had to glue down parts of the paper covering the front of the shapes because it was not glued down properly. Be warned that the tower also needs to be attached at its base to something heavy because it's so light that when my boy cat tries to jump up on to the tower it falls over. The bottom line is that my cats love the tower but it does need additional bits to make it safe for use. Consequently its a great product for £9.99 (sale price) per shape but I'd be really disappointed if I'd bought it for the full price.