Barkshire Heavy Duty Dog Pen

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Ideal for keeping dogs or puppies in a controlled area indoors, these Barkshire Heavy Duty Dog Pens can be made into different shapes, depending upon your requirements.

Manufactured from quality steel, they are sturdy and durable pet pens as well as being easy to assemble. Your dog will be comfortable and happy in these secure, safe environments and can have fun playing while giving you peace of mind.

The doors feature a safety bolt and a slightly raised entrance so that you can open it without fear of your dog shooting past you.

Colour: Mid-Grey

Customer Note: We recommend marking out the size on the floor to check that the cage fits the space required and also that your dog can sit up, stand up and turn around with ease.

The Barkshire Heavy Duty Dog Pens are available in the following versions:

  • 6 Panels L76 x H80cm
  • 6 Panels L80 x H106cm
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So good I bought another by Susannahm on 7 September 2019

Bought for my 7 month old springer spaniel to fence off the kitchen cabinets so she can be safely left in the kitchen during the day. Excellent quality and high enough to discourage her jumping although probably not tall enough for outside. Purchased another one to make a really big space for her. Very strong and excellent quality.

Great product by Denise on 8 August 2019

So glad I got this, give me a safe space I can put my 11 week old puppy. She likes it too and pops in to play if I leave the door open. When I know she’s over stimulated and need to calm down I put her in, she settles and goes to sleep so I can’t go and get things done. It’s good quality too. It does move sometimes when puppy jumping at it but I e put it between a table and the wall and it’s fine.

love it! by leg-f on 15 June 2019

It's a brilliant product. Very sturdy, easy to assemble (once you get the hang of it, i.e. matching the connecting parts, one higher than the other). Love the flexibility it offers in terms of shapes etc .Really happy we got this.

by Sheila Turner on 11 March 2019

Was too high so had to return it.

Made post op care easier! by Angela Robinson on 4 February 2019

My lab had cruciate ligament op and had to rest completely for 2 weeks followed by many weeks of very short bits of exercise. Can put into different shapes depending on what’s needed!

Well made by sjones0610 on 21 November 2018

Seems well made, door catch a bit fiddly but not found any sharp edges simplicity itself to put together not put into use yet as new puppy arrives next week.