Whiskas 7+ Cat Pouches Creamy Soup Poultry Selection 12x85g pack

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Whiskas 7+ Cat Pouches Creamy Soup Poultry Selection is a mouth-watering variety of creamy poultry soups with smooth velvety textures that will fascinate your senior cat with a new taste sensation and provide everything they nutritionally need for a long and happy life.

These recipes have been developed with the help of nutritionists and veterinarians to ensure that each meal is complete and balanced to help you provide the best possible care for your feline friend.

  • Delicious creamy soup for senior cats.
  • Balanced levels of minerals for your senior cat’s changing needs.
  • Added zinc for healthy skin and coat.
  • Vitamin E and minerals to support their natural defences.
  • With taurine to maintain a healthy heart and sharp vision.
  • No artificial colours or preservatives.
  • Complete pet food for senior cats 7 years or older.

Whiskas 7+ Cat Pouches Creamy Soup Poultry Selection uses delicious, nutritious ingredients which have been formulated to look after vital organs, keep eyesight healthy and help their coat stay nice and glossy. This variety pack comes with 4 exciting recipes, meaning that every meal time they can enjoy something different.


    3 x 85g with Chicken
    3 x 85g with Duck
    3 x 85g with Poultry
    3 x 85g with Turkey

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loved by pets by galaxysmooth on 15 September 2018

My cats totally love this. Gone in seconds!

My cat adores it by katie-bigg on 15 April 2017

My cat can not get enough of the whiskas soup at the moment. He adores them. Laps them up in seconds.

blood test by bonydle on 26 December 2016

Not that easy to get all soup out of pouch (needs spooning). Once out I warm the soup with a separate bowl of hot water and put the soup bowl to float on top of the hot water. I then mix in her medicine and she takes it quite readily. She goes for a blood test in two weeks so we shall she how she has been coping on 6% protein Blood test proved to be positive and she has put on a bit of weight. Well done Whiskas

Cat Food by Vicki on 12 October 2016

Cat enjoys it, especially the dry food for keeping weight off! Wet food looks and smells delicious. Both cat and owner well satisfied.

Good product. by IanL on 19 September 2016

The cat appreciates the product twice a day!

perfect by antoinyb on 2 September 2016

Suki an older cat loves this soup style food wanting two sachets at a time when she was leaving half of her old food.


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