Acana Heritage Adult Large Breed Grain Free Dry Dog Food 11.4kg


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Acana Heritage Adult Large Breed Dog Food is specifically developed for Large breed dogs, who just like his wild cousins, is a carnivore, possessing a biological need for a diet rich and varied in fresh whole meats.

That’s why Acana Heritage Adult Large Breed is loaded with free-run chicken, wild-caught flounder and nest-laid eggs, in WholePrey ratios that nourish naturally, without long lists of synthetic additives. Because excess weight can stress bones and joints, Acana is free of fast carbohydrates such as tapioca or potato, providing extra meat proteins to promote lean muscle mass while managing body fat.

  • 60% meat.
  • Contains 3 fresh meats – cage free chicken, nest laid eggs and wild flounder.
  • Only one supplement – zinc.
  • Grain-free recipe.

Biologically Appropriate: This means that ingredients mirror the quantity, freshness and variety of meats that dogs are evolved to eat, while limiting the carbohydrates and synthetic ingredients that don’t belong in your dog’s natural diet.

Rich in Meat – 60%: This diet consists of 60% meat, including cage-free chicken, wild-caught flounder and whole nest-laid eggs sourced from regional farms deemed fit for human consumption.

Variety of Whole Meats: This diet features a diversity of free-run chicken, whole eggs and whole fish, all in richly nourishing WholePrey ratios of meat, organs and cartilage that mimic the natural diet, eliminating the long lists of synthetic additives in conventional dog foods.

Low in Carbohydrates: A dog’s natural diet contains very few carbohydrates, which are recognized as a leading cause of obesity and diabetes. That’s why ACANA limits carbohydrates and replaces fast carbohydrates (such as rice, potato and tapioca) with low-glycemic fruits and vegetables.

Made in award-winning kitchens from Canada’s best and freshest ingredients, biologically appropriate Acana is guaranteed to keep your puppy happy and strong.

Contents: 11.4kg bag

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Brilliant quality product by kateharris7 on 18 September 2019

We changed to this food after extensively researching which dog food had the best nutritional content. We already bought good food before, but Acana got better rating so we made the switch and if you could see the excited reaction of our dog when we first opened it, you would be convinced that this food smells mighty fine to dogs. I was a but worried initially that our golden retriever would go hungry when feeding her as per the guidelines (135 g per meal) but she seems fine. It is annoying that there is no feeding guide printed on the bag, and we had to look it up on the Acana website and print it out, which is inconvenient. But that is my only gripe with this product.

Pet Planet Says: Thank you for your review. We do have the feeding guide included on the website beside each product. Kind Regards PetPlanet Customer Care

Healthy Dog Food by Billzee on 14 August 2018

Researched dog food extensively. My previous GSDogs had suffered from yeast and wheat allergies eating other dried foods. This food has been excellent and have I fed my dog for the last 5 years exclusively with Acana Adult Large Breed, with the occasional addition of oily fish (Sardines or Mackerel) for interest. This is the healthiest dog I have ever had. I completely recommend this food. Just make sure there is always plenty of fresh water available

Dog enjoys it by Charlotte on 20 November 2017

Dog really enjoyed it at first however she is beginning to go off the food as she doesn't seem to find it that attractive. She will still eat it but doesn't show as much enthusiasm as before. But her coat is very smooth and silky so the nutrients are of great benefit.

Brilliant by Poll on 16 August 2017

Our GSD had severe skin allergies always scratching and biting since being on Acana Adult Large Breed food he has improved tremendously also appears more alert. Very good delivery and service from you thanks

Good food - poor delivery and customer service by pamspups on 17 June 2017

Very good dog food. Delivery poor and didn't turn up As website said it would. Customer service poor, wouldn't refund delivery charge then ignored me. Dont deserve loyal customers

Acana dog food by trimble697 on 1 June 2017

My Labradors have always had Acana Wild Prairie, but I noticed that the last sack was smaller and noticeably more expensive. Some of the composition and ingredients had changed, for example now 35% protein instead of 31% so a new recipe. Looked for a suitable alternative and discovered the new Adult Large Breed which is almost identical to the old Wild Prairie, but much cheaper. Kibble size is larger, but that makes no difference to a hungry Labrador. Excellent food and would fully recommend plus always scores very highly in dog food reviews.


Q: I currently use Acana Large Breed Puppy for my Great Dane who is 12 months. At what age would you recommend switching to Adult Large Breed?
A: Large Breed dogs normally transition from puppy food to adult food at +18 months. If you want to consider transitioning earlier then we would recommend speaking to your vet first.