Barkshire Apex Dog Kennel with Opening Roof

From £39.99

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This Barkshire Apex Dog Kennel with Opening Roof is a solid, waterproof construction with raised feet to keep it above the cold or damp ground.

Manufactured from high quality Fir making it water-resistant, durable and free from rough edges and splinters. The slight slope on the flat roof prevents rain from settling and the dog house is also winter and heat-resistant.

  • Suitable for outdoor dogs.
  • Solid wood construction.
  • Hinged roof for easy access.
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Excellent value by Mrs M on 15 October 2019

We purchased this house for two cats that live on the street but won’t go into their own home. It’s purrfect for a shelter for them and is now kitted out with cosy beds and feeding are, plus a porch extension to keep rain out.

Poor quality by jetset on 26 September 2019

When I saw this I thought it would be great, especially as the roof could be opened! However, when it arrived the packaging and contents were damaged and as I attempted to put it together (which is very easy) it became apparent that it was of poor quality. The slats were thin and gapping, therefore water could get in, the base slats were very thin which could mean it might not hold the weight of my two Cockapoos. When trying to fit the roof, which you slot into position, one side couldn’t be fitted as the baton was approx 2mm too long! The felt used was not good quality and glued badly. When re-packaging it was extremely difficult to get the parts to fit back and the roof felt kept shedding from tiny gaps in the box. I had to use almost an entire roll of tape to continuously cover the holes and hold the flimsy box together enough to withstand the weight of the contents. Whilst on paper this is a great product, in reality it isn’t fit for purpose. Very disappointed

Pet Planet Says: Thank you for your review . I can see we have dealt with the issues with this product with you. Kind Regards PetPlanet Customer Care

Purrfect by Bluey B on 23 September 2019

Great little cat house. No problem putting it together. Great value should last awhile.

Hmmh ... by DavidG on 17 September 2019

Okay, but flimsy.

HAPPY DOG by mrambe32 on 17 September 2019

My dog is happy in her kennel and I have dificulty in getting her out to come indoors. The kennel was so easy to erect, everything just slotted into place.

Duda's House. by mrambe32 on 30 August 2019

So simple to assemble and easy to move around. Pity about the packing cardboard. Very poor quality so easilt torn whrn lifting the package