Purrshire Cat Climber Activity Centre with Viewing Platform - Beige


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A cat’s natural instinct is to climb and explore, and with this Purrshire Climber Cat Activity Centre with Viewing Platform they will have hours of climbing, lounging and scratching ahead of them.

With the plush covered base providing a steady footing for this good sized activity centre, your feline friend can choose from a number of activities, and distractions, to make sure they stay active and stimulated.

  • 2 x platforms.
  • 1 x viewing platform.
  • 2 x pom pom toys.
  • 1 x rope.
  • 1 x cylindrical cave.
  • 2 x support poles.
  • Stylish paw print design.

This great activity centre has two poles, the taller of these is covered in Sisal, which is a hard wearing material which will allow your cat to scratch and claw, without causing them any harm. This will also have the added benefit, hopefully, of tempting them away from scratching the furniture. These posts will provide a good place for them to stretch, making sure they stay supple for future adventures.

Once they have finished attending to their claws, they can explore the various levels that have been provided. They can choose to retreat into the cylindrical shaped plush covered cave, giving them a private, draft free, sanctuary, free from any interruptions. If they are being a bit more sociable then they can choose to relax on the plush viewing platform, giving them a great vantage point, or just laying out on either of the platforms, allowing them to survey their territory, or see where the next treat is coming from.

As well as being able to stretch and relax, this well thought out cat centre has two toys for your cat to swat at, as well as a rope connecting 2 levels, which they can grab hold of, and paw at.

Dimensions: W40 x D40 x H115cm

Materials: Plush and sisal.

Please note: this toy is not indestructible, all play must be supervised. Replace toy once worn.

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Not sturdy enough. by Belfie on 25 June 2019

Great price but unfortunately it wobbles no matter whether on carpet or hard floor. It actually fell over as my cat jumped off the top. I would have returned but the cost would have been too high so I have ended up removing some posts so that it is shorter.

Great product by Sarah on 23 April 2019

Bought for our two kittens who love the different heights of platforms and scratching posts and the little 'hidey hole'. A bonus is that it looks good as well, a nice simple design. Overall very good value for money for a sturdy product which is better quality than many I'd looked at in the shops.

Great value. by Sharp on 16 April 2019

Easy to assemble, looks good things for the cats to play with.

Good value by Susie on 30 March 2019

Prompt delivery and I was surprised how big it was. My Tiger loves it as he is very active and loves climbing. As other buyers have mentioned the base is little light so I put a couple of weights on it. Very pleased with the purchase.

Purchased a little over 3 x week ago by Donna Allan on 17 February 2019

Why did I purchase this? We have two cats but one likes to spend more of her time out of the way upstairs, I'd noticed she was scratching away at the wallpaper and despite us having a large cat tree downstairs she still insisted on the wall paper. Our other tree was too big to be moved upstairs and living in a small terraced house, wasn't going to fit on the landing. So, I was on the lookout for a smaller tree and I found this product. It fitted in with my budget and looked good too. Did the product live up to my expectations? Well, In terms of its size, yes it did. It's certainly small enough to not cause a squeeze on the landing, whilst giving the cat enough to entertain herself. However, it would have been a much better product if its base was more sturdy. Because the base is made out of the same materials as the other platforms, it really isn't sturdy enough and I've had to place a couple of weights at the bottom. My cat is a smaller than average female and it wasn't sturdy enough for her. Would I recommend this product? I certainly would not recommend this as a main cat tree and not for any bigger cats or, if you have two cats- you will need something more sturdy or you may find yourself taking on a new job of cat tree "picker Upper" But, that said.... As a secondary tree it is useful and...... My little lady has now stopped trying to tear off the wall paper - which is a bonus! How was it to put together? Assembly was easy, up in 10 minutes. As its lighter than I was expecting it was really easy to carry upstairs in its entirety. Height wise... It's not that tall. To give readers an idea of how tall it is, my 7 year old who is a little below average in height can still reach the cat when she's on the top platform. I hope this review will help you decide if this is the product for you.

Great value product by Bek on 7 February 2019

I was very pleased with the quality of this when it arrived - it is sturdy and well made. Very good value for money when I compared it with what I could buy in a local store.


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