Purrshire Climber Cat Activity Centre with Ladder - Beige


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A cat’s natural instinct is to climb and explore, and with this Purrshire Climber Cat Activity Centre with Ladder they will have hours of climbing, lounging and scratching ahead of them.


With the plush covered base providing a steady footing for this good sized activity centre, your feline friend can choose from a number of activities, and distractions, to make sure they stay active and stimulated.

  • 2 x platforms.
  • 1 x plush nest.
  • 1 x hammock.
  • 1 x ladder.
  • 1 x cave.
  • 2 x sisal poles.
  • Weight Capacity: 25kg

This great activity centre has two central poles covered in Sisal which is a hard wearing material which will allow your cat to scratch and claw, without causing them any harm. This will also have the added benefit, hopefully, of tempting them away from scratching the furniture. These posts will provide a good place for them to stretch, making sure they stay supple for future adventures.

Once they have finished attending to their claws, they can explore the various levels that have been provided. The ladder will help them up into the dome shaped plush covered cave, giving them a private, draft free, sanctuary, free from any interruptions. If they are being a bit more sociable then they can choose from relaxing in the hammock that hangs between the two poles, curling up on the plush covered nest, or just laying out on either of the platforms, allowing them to survey their territory, or see where the next treat is coming from.

Dimensions: W60 x D30 x H90cm

Materials: Plush and sisal.

Please note: this toy is not indestructible, all play must be supervised. Replace toy once worn.

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Great and sturdy! by Bekki on 29 January 2019

Great sturdy product, very easy to put together, it took a bit of getting used to by our spoilt little Tinks as it wasn’t ‘hers’ but now she loves it! Would definitely buy again... wish it came in more colours though.

Cat accepted from the start. by Donald on 22 January 2019

Lena immediately expressed interest in the activity centre immediately after checking out the box. Her favorite sleeping position is curled up in the circular 'bed' and has spent some time in the 'house'. She also likes to lie on the top like 'queen of the castle'. The only bit she hasn't tried is the 'hammock' but I expect she will in time.

Great product by Sue on 7 January 2019

This was easy to put together and our kitten has enjoyed playing and sleeping on the centre. It is great and has kept her amused for hours.

Good activity centre for an INDOOR cat. by Helena on 20 December 2018

This is a very well thought out activity centre including different bedding or testing areas. This rescue cat has not got the hang of it but I will workn onn it.

Good value by rjmitch on 4 December 2018

I am very happy with this activity set. My foster kittens love it and have played with it a lot. I am also happy with the value for money. Thank you.

I thought it'd be loved but it's been ignored. by chloeslasberg on 4 December 2018

It's easy to fit with clear instructions & looks good but both my kitten & cat are completely ignoring it even with the use of catnip! I was looking forward to watching them play on it but it's not been used.


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