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This Purrshire Top Entry Cat litter Pan is a well-designed cat toilet, and is more space efficient than a traditional cat litter tray. It is perfect for use around the home as the covered design will noticeably reduce the amount of dust and smell that is normally associated with traditional open style litter trays.

The opening in the lid of the box is big enough for kitty to ease in and out comfortably and the deep litter box prevents any litter spilling out and catches any high sprays too. The textured design on the top of the lid is very good for brushing off any litter left on your cat’s feet, so you do not come home to find litter tracked all over your floor.

This smart design not only allows your cat the privacy needed when going to the toilet but also allows you to separate the two halves, allowing you easy access to clean their cat litter.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Strong polypropylene design.
  • Privacy for your feline friend.

Dimensions: L65 x D45 x H43cm

Customer Note: Due to hygiene, we cannot accept returns on litter trays if they’ve been used, even if they are washed and look new.

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Cat is happy and less mess. by Magthenag51 on 14 July 2017

Happy. Cleaner and less tracking.

Couldn't believe the difference by Karen Wemyss on 20 March 2017

My two cats are house cats and this litter tray is worth every penny and more,, I was amazed how my cats took to it instantly and it is so much cleaner and there is never any mess,, so easy to open and close it ,,wish I had seen this years ago,, great size and great quality

Litter tray with top entrance! by Kayleel2006 on 11 March 2017

Absolutely amazimg product as my 7 month old boy uses the litter tray lile a sandpit! He manages to get bits out still amazing product!!

Brilliant and a bargain! by Corinna on 7 March 2017

Best litter tray ever and such a good price. I spent months looking at 'top loader' trays and decided I couldn't afford one but then I saw this one... and it's perfect. My big cat loves it, he can pee in peace and it's not too small for him, but most importantly for me, the litter trail has gone completely because the top criss-cross design collects any stray bits of litter. I also got this box because my new puppy was always trying to get into the cat tray to eat his poo (disgusting I know but apparently its quite common!) and that can't happen anymore......yaay!! Happy clean household again!

Excellent value by madcatwoman on 28 January 2017

I have four cats and wanted to try a top-entry litter box as litter tracking is a nightmare and seeing as they like jumping into empty boxes I thought I'd try out this. I didn't want to pay out for a top of the range one at a ridiculously price for what is basically a plastic box with a hole cut out of the lid to find my kitties wouldn't use it. I bought two and started off using them minus the lids then added the lids after a couple of days. So far so good.The entry hole is plenty big enough for my large 7kg part-Maine-Coon boy and the litter tracking is reduced by about 80%. It's very easy to keep clean and I had no smell issues but I do remove kitty 'presents' several times a day and use a good quality fragranced litter. A hook for a scoop would be handy but that's a minor detail. A great product and brilliant value if you want to try a top-entry box without breaking the bank.I don't think I'll be bothering with the more expensive models.

great value by shirley on 31 December 2016

I got this as my 2 cats manage to track litter everywhere. It is a great improvement and the small indentations on the top of the box catch stray bits of litter. The catches are a bit difficult to do up but is getting easier with use. Very good value compared to other trays of this design. I used the bottom tray on its own for a couple of days for the cats to get used to it and then added the top. They soon got the idea of how to get in but may be less easy for older cats.


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