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With 2 large doors on each level providing easy cleaning access, this Rat & Ferret Cage by PetPlanet is a superb, and stylish, dual level cage for rats and ferrets. It is a really strong, superb quality habitat for your small furry friends, providing them with plenty of space to run and explore, while the horizontal wire allows them to climb.

Constructed in metal, with a durable hammer paint finish, this cage comes complete with step by step instructions to make sure you are up and running in no time. There is plenty of room to hang your pet’s favourite items such as a hammocks, and secure door latches will prevent any escape bids. It also features litter guards around the perimeter of the cage to help reduce any falling substrate.

  • 2 removable separate levels.
  • 2 x platforms.
  • 3 x ramps.
  • 2 x hammocks.
  • Robust metal construction.
  • On wheels for ease of movement.

This Rat & Ferret Cage has four full width door openings for maximum accessibility for feeding and cleaning and has wide, removable, shelves and full platform pans for a spacious play area, with the protective rims on each side to prevent straw and food spillage outside the cage.

The cage is on four wheels making it easily manoeuvrable, making essential maintenance such as cleaning and feeding simple. It even has convenient space below the cage for storage of food, bedding, treats and any other useful items.

Colour: Black hammerstone finish

Size: W96 x D63 x H159cm

Tubing gauge: 16mm

Wire gauge: 3.5mm

Bar spacing: 14mm

Wheel Height: 5cm

Give your rats, ferrets and other small furry friends a safe and varied habitat to explore and enjoy with this great value Rat & Ferret Cage by PetPlanet.

Click here for Assembly Instructions.

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by Keri on 8 October 2019

It's a brilliant cage, really big with double opening doors, so easy to get rats out and also to clean. It was in the sale - £169 so a good price. Delivery was good. My only complaint would be that because the sides/top/bottom is metal bars, the rats scoot their litter out all over the floor! I am going to buy some perspex and just put it about an inch all over the sides from the floor to stop this but no issues at all with the company or cage.

Good alternative by Nia on 29 September 2019

Overall I'm very happy with my purchase. I have five adult male rats who have plenty of room. The double front opening doors make it so much easier to clean out and attach toys etc. This cage is a brilliant alternative to more expensive cages that do exactly the same as this one. The cons... It is difficult to put together. The instructions are unnecessarily complicated. It would be so easy to make the instructions simpler. Some of the parts are slightly misaligned, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. Despite the cons I would highly recommend this cage!

Massive Mansion for my Girls by lamondtracie on 18 September 2019

I ordered this cage as my 3 new babies chewed their other one that had a plastic bottom. There was a 4 week delay due to being out of stock but we managed until it arrived. The only negative comments I have are the following: 1. The instructions are not very well explained at all. It would make it much easier if a sticker was put on each of the pieces identifying it. For example A, B, C etc. etc. This would have avoided a lot of swearing from my husband lol. 2. Some of the bars were bent a bit despite being adequately packaged; however this didn’t impact on the final construction of the cage. 3. The screws should be separated into separate bags according to size so you know which you are using and where. We had 2 missing but luckily was at the bottom where the wheels are so we used zip ties instead. Overall this cage is fantastic and my 5 girls love it. There’s so much room in their new mansion now it makes me very happy to see them running and playing in it. The two doors on each level make it so easy to spot clean and deep clean without any problems and is a perfect height so you don’t need to bend over. I e already taught my girls to come to the top level for treats and for picking up as it’s at a perfect height to get them easily. I’d definitely recommend this cage, it’s good value and is huge. The bar spacing is also great for my little girls. They can just get their noses out but not wide enough for them to escape. I’ve also put an additional lock on the doors just as an extra precaution so they can’t open them, although the way it’s designed I don’t think they’d be able to get out. I’m so glad I bought this for my girls and if anyone is thinking about buying it, don’t hesitate - it’s amazing. Just be prepared for putting it together with limited information (unless PetPlanet take onboard the comments and label the pieces) Thank you for a brilliant product xxxx

Love it very good value by Sara Morris on 19 August 2019

I got this for my ferrets.it is well worth the money at a very good price. I normally I wouldn't be able to afford it but as it was on sale I did and very pleased I did.I have four of my ferrets in it there is plenty of room for them to sleep and play. I agree with the issue of the instructions that they are clumsy with there explanation of construction of the cage. I did take the ladders out as the wouldn't stay in place and put tunnels in there place. Your also able to do plenty of hanging for hammocks, tunnels, and anything else that my furries like to play with or hide in. Even though it's great and everyone loves it it does have a down fall. The screws that hold the latches in place are very loose and do fall out often. Your are unable to tighten them (all they do is go round and round.)

Really nice cage! by michaela_lidstrom on 14 August 2019

I just bought my cage and I love it! It is really sturdy, big and pretty. I am really impressed with the wheels as well. When I got my order two parts got broken in the shipping. I emailed them and got an answer the next day and new parts sent. It's nice to get help so fast and the shipping was fast and simple. I do find this cage worth the money and it is one of the best cages for a degu.

Fab value by Sarahdavis0412 on 7 August 2019

Cage is lovely. I have two ferrets in mine. I agree that the instructions are a bit pants. Top tip for putting it together is that the side panels with two lips goes on the top cage. The lip closest to the edge is to hold the roof panel up! I would say that my ferrets were not used to going up ladders or dealing with the "unexpected" hole on the top floor and would frequently fall down it. I also did have to do a small modification with a drill when putting it together to get the screw though the little legs that connect the top and bottom sections. Pet planet also sent me a replacement screw which came next day. Overall it wasn't a big deal and i'm really happy with the cage. Time will tell if it rusts! Recommend an allen key attachment for an electric screwdriver/drill. Makes putting it together MUCH quicker.


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