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With 2 large doors on each level providing easy cleaning access, this Rat & Ferret Cage by PetPlanet is a superb, and stylish, dual level cage for rats and ferrets. It is a really strong, superb quality habitat for your small furry friends, providing them with plenty of space to run and explore, while the horizontal wire allows them to climb.

Constructed in metal, with a durable hammer paint finish, this cage comes complete with step by step instructions to make sure you are up and running in no time. There is plenty of room to hang your pet’s favourite items such as a hammocks, and secure door latches will prevent any escape bids. It also features litter guards around the perimeter of the cage to help reduce any falling substrate.

  • 2 removable separate levels.
  • 2 x platforms.
  • 3 x ramps.
  • 2 x hammocks.
  • Robust metal construction.
  • On wheels for ease of movement.

This Rat & Ferret Cage has four full width door openings for maximum accessibility for feeding and cleaning and has wide, removable, shelves and full platform pans for a spacious play area, with the protective rims on each side to prevent straw and food spillage outside the cage.

The cage is on four wheels making it easily manoeuvrable, making essential maintenance such as cleaning and feeding simple. It even has convenient space below the cage for storage of food, bedding, treats and any other useful items.

Colour: Black hammerstone finish

Size: W96 x D63 x H159cm

Tubing gauge: 16mm

Wire gauge: 3.5mm

Bar spacing: 14mm

Wheel Height: 5cm

Give your rats, ferrets and other small furry friends a safe and varied habitat to explore and enjoy with this great value Rat & Ferret Cage by PetPlanet.

Click here for Assembly Instructions.

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Amazing! by Cherie on 24 May 2019

Well! After months of trying to find a great cage for my two lady rats I have finally found the PERFECT one! This in an absolute bargain, I cannot stress enough how good this cage is, it is big and spacious, it looks lovely, well made, and no problems with damage or anything on arrival. I need to buy more bits to fill it up! Some people have said locks are fiddly but these ones on mine are spot on, the shelves are sturdy and the design is cracking. I haven't used the stand with mine, I have it on a flat surface and it is fine without the stand. Thank you for the perfect cage! I would recommend. Also I literally ordered it at 2pm yesterday and it was delivered at 9:30am today! Great service and product!

Best cage I've had by Tia on 24 May 2019

I've had many rat cages and this is by far the best! It was easy to assemble and done quickly and it's so easy to clean out with the doors. I would highly recommend this cage.

Love it by sofia on 19 March 2019

A great cage with lots of space for my degu girls. I build it with my 7 year old sons help without any problems. Only needed some help from my husband to lift it up on the stand when finished. The cage is spacious and feels steady. Some "bad" things with it is that the shelfs can only be arranged as in the picture and there is nowhere to hang things from the roof in the lower section. My cage also have a flimsy lock that needs a bit of cardboard to feel "locked", also one door was slightly uneven and don't close close to the base, so substrate leaks out (but as I needed it desperately I could not send it back for a new one with fully fitting door). Overall I love it and the boys might get one as well.

Great product by Becky on 12 March 2019

the cage arrived in good time, it was slighly damaged, but when i reported this they acted very quickly and send out a replacement part. i'm very happy with the produce and the service this company have given me. I would highly recommend them

Lovely size by Vikki on 17 February 2019

After much deliberation i bought this cage for ny 4 rats, it arrived on time. On opening the box there was a couple of areas of damage and missing screws; i emailed pet planet and this was resolved without fuss and very quickly. The cage is sturdy and spacious and the doors fully opening make it so easy to keep clean, the metal doesnt absorb urine smells and the boys seem very happy in there as there is a lot of room for them to play or be on their own. Previous reviews complained about the instructions, i thought they were fine and it probably took no more than 30 minutes to put together. The only downside i would say is the locks, they can be a little fiddly, but certainly no where near enough to make me regret buying the cage, i definitly recommend it.

Great Value - but a bit shabby by Atherton1802 on 14 February 2019

All in all a fairly good sized cage with double doors top and bottom for easy access. The instructions on how to assemble are awful. A number of the fittings just don't work, or won't tighten satisfactorily, and currently the bottom bay doors are a little 'wonky' when closed. We can work round most of these issues easily, but the issues shouldn't be there in the first place. We did get this cage 'on offer' had I paid full price it would have been sent back.

Pet Planet Says: Thank you for your review. I have emailed you regarding the issues with this product. Kind Regards Petplanet Customer Care


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