SnuggleSafe Play n Chew Loofah Slices - Pack of 4


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These edible SnuggleSafe Play n Chew Loofah Slices have been specially made for rabbits and small animals to chew on. They are fun vegetable treats for your small furry that are also good for their teeth!

These tasty, all natural, died vegetable slices are the crunchy way for small furries to clean their teeth. To add to the fun, hang them up in any wire cage to that your pet can play and nibble at them all day.

  • Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils and chinchillas

Quantity: 1 pack of 4 slices

Customer note: these come in an assorted mix and, unfortunately, we cannot allow a choice. Please let us choose for you.

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Versatile by Marianne O' Hear on 6 July 2019

We got these for our piggies and found that we've got lots of options with them. The loofah is soft enough that you can put a little snip in it and hook it on the C&C sections, they can be strung onto some hay or string and draped across the sides or suspended from the bars, even just left on the floor of the cage for them to chew on.

treats by nic on 12 September 2018

Not bad they liked the orange one,never touched the yellow one.

My Syrian loves these but goes through them really quickly by Samantha on 7 May 2016

My Syrian loves these. I tie them onto her cage where she gnaws. However she goes through them so quickly, up to three per night, that I have now started using the Rosewood corn rattle rollers as these satisfy her need to gnaw and last much longer