Feliway Diffuser and Refill

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This Feliway Diffuser is a safe solution of feline facial pheromone, which mimics the cat's natural pheromones, creating a state of comfort and calm. When a cat feels safe in its environment it rubs the area between the side of its face and its chain against the furniture, corners of walls or the bottom of curtains, depositing facial pheromones.

The Feliway Diffuser emits a synthetic form of these pheromones, helping to calm and soothe cats during stressful or anxious times, such as visits to the vet, moving house or the rearrangement of furniture, naturally conveying a message of safety and well-being.

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Received broken by TiggerPepper on 7 May 2019

Broken. Just realized few months later when nothing has evaporated from the diffuser.

Pet Planet Says: Thank you for your review . I have emailed you regarding the issues with this product. Kind Regards PetPlanet Customer Care

by Suzy on 29 March 2019
brilliant price and delivery by teecee on 14 January 2019
by Chris on 17 December 2018

Great Value and did the job.

A must have for this time of year by Sandie on 3 December 2018

I have been using Feliway for many years now it really does help to reduce stress in cats especially at this time of year ,what with fireworks and Christmas trimmings and flashing fairy lights.

stress cystitis gone by andrex puppy on 12 November 2018

My 8yr old cat has had a couple of bouts of cystitis recently. Vet thinks its caused by stress. stress? We said? he couldn't have a better life at home; but we realised we'd had 2 new neighbors move in beside & opposite us & there's been lots of noisy building work going on, which coincided with his first bout - so vet was right. anyway feliway diffuser, spray, cystease capsules ordered & changed brekkie from hills dry feline for 7+ cats to hills feline metabolic & urinary stress, & he's now had no meds from vets for almost 3wks & seems much more calm. I also ordered some catnip & valerian finely milled mix from elsewhere which stinks, but he snuffles/eats it every night, which has also helped. he still is able to enjoy a pouch of felix for his dinner with a side of hills feline oral care! so all these things combined have helped him to stop getting the cystitis again. best prices at Petplanet for all products.