Plastic Pet Sleeper Chair by Petplanet

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This brilliant Plastic Pet Sleeper Chair by Petplanet offers a personal sanctuary for your pet but with way more style! It has been designed to provide a fabulous place for your four-legged friend to curl up and relax or snooze. The raised chair, on its strong and sturdy stand, offers your pet a great view and you will love how it complements your home decor.


  • Made from durable polypropylene
  • Not suitable for wooden floors
  • Ideal for cats or small dogs
  • Machine washable cushion at 30 degrees
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stickers by andrewstewart0203 on 30 March 2019

Was a wee bit concerned with the suction cups on 1 side and hard bits of plastic of the other on the cushion but I didn't expect the cushion with it

Great bed by Rachel Steele on 11 March 2019

I've had this bed for a day and one of my awkward cats is already curled up happy in it. Very pleased with the bed. Easy to set up too.

Great little beds by moomoolacow on 11 January 2019

We have 4 cats, 2 British short-hairs and 2 Bengals. Wanted to offer a couple of options and fed up of the soft beds on the floor. Bought 2 of these to go alongside the hanging radiator beds. All the cats will take turns in them bar one ( but she's a bit of a weirdo). They seem to like them just fine. Only downside is that the suckers that come with the mattresses do not seem to stick, so you do have to keep picking up and putting back in. Also, if you wash the mattresses, either take the suckers off before hand, or check your machine as they do come apart and come out - easy enough to pop back together again though! For the money they are good and the room looks much less 'cluttered ' by having them on the small stand. My Parson's Russell Terrier who loves sleeping in their radiator beds (and bending them as he's far too big and heavy) doesn't bother with these - so if you have a small dog plaguing your cat hammocks, these may be an answer - I think they are too enclosed for him.

It’s alright by Claire Stokes on 4 January 2019

The cushion is pointless. In the bin straight away. It’s thin, and cheap looking. The whole bed in general is ok, quite cheap to look at but you get what you pay for.

Great product! by laurajones on 17 December 2018

I bought this for my Netherland dwarf rabbit, as he likes to sleep raised off the floor. he absolutely loves it. Such a good idea for a bed. Very good value for money and it was delivered very quick too! If you want to see a picture of Bruce on his throne then log onto his Insta page: @bruce_the_bunny_

by Sharonaliciamountford on 9 October 2018