Pet Tek Large Glass Fitting Dog Door

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This Pet-Tek Large Glass Fitting Dog Door in White has a professional design and will endure year after year of daily use.





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This is the 2nd door I have had! by gaynor1709 on 8 August 2019

Bought this to replace previous one that I have had for 8yrs and it unfortunately got damaged! My cockapoo loves it and I wouldn’t be without it! Great product!

by skeety888 on 18 July 2019

Too large for our cockerpoo. Have replaced for a smaller one.

Fantastic Item by Dibs on 29 January 2019

The dog door has exceeded all our expectations, we didn't really want to put a dog door into the bi fold doors but without any other space to do this, it was our only option. It meant ordering a new sealed double glazed unit with a 385mm hole in it, but it looks fantastic. We are very pleased and it does not stand out too much. Very easy to fit, good magnetic contact for door closure and good seals.

Not fit for purpose. Not good enough. by ElleMac on 21 January 2019

So nearly perfect but ultimately just not fit for purpose. When the flap is 'locked' my dog can simply pop the locks off the unit. Even when we jammed the locks on with a screw, my dog was able to simply push the flap between the locks - I think the flap itself flexes under pressure. I paid a lot to have a new double glazed unit made (full door) and I regret it as I am now struggling to keep my dog in the house. No good for a smart dog!

Dog/cat flap by louisekennedy957 on 1 September 2018

Flap needed for my 2 cats and shitzu. Flap was installed by my double glazing fitter in a new pane of glass. Excellent product. Looks really good and hardly makes a noise! Would highly recommend.

by Mike on 31 August 2018

Would this be big enough for my labourdour