Zylkene for Cats & Dogs

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Zylkene is a natural product, proven to help manage stress in cats and dogs. 

 It is palatable and easy to give - open the capsule and mix the powder with food or give with a treat. The capsule can also be given whole. Zylkene is hypoallergenic, preservative free and lactose free.

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Not for us by freya-p on 22 March 2019

Unfortunately not for my cat. He has anxiety and picks out his fur, tried pet remedy plug ins, all feliway products and nothing worked. Gave this a try and mixed it in his food, Didn't touch it. Mixed in with treats and the squeezy treats still would not touch! I can't say if the tablet was effective as he wouldn't take it. Maybe should offer a trial/sample. Like a few tablets instead of whole pack.

Great! by SueP on 13 January 2019

Definitely helps calming Shem (golden retriever) during the fireworks.

It does help by Cookies Mum on 28 October 2017

Cookie is a very nervous dog and is terrified of fireworks, even though they are far away. I tried this last year and it does help even her. She is still a little anxious but nowhere near as bad as before. With a calmer dog to begin with, I'm sure it would work completely.

Not effective by Kitty on 6 September 2016

Very disappointed...don't feel the Zylkene has been at all effective.

Pet Planet Says: Thank you for your recent review and taking the time to contact us. I am sorry to hear this item was not suitable. I have emailed you in regards to this. Please accept my apologies. Kind Regards PetPlanet Customer Care Team

Expensive but good value I think by anna on 8 April 2014

Quite a lot of money but the discount on this site makes it worthwhile I think Used during a house move from abroad with 8hr flight One cat is more emotiona lstressy than the other and had already demonstrated stress behaviour incessant meowing and scratching during an earlier move With the Zylkene we saw noticeably less stress behaviour and they settled in very quickly we also had feliway plug ins feliway facial pheromone spray catnip spray and lots of new toys plus where we live now is much quieter than the temporary accommodation so fewer stress triggers so not sure what exactly helped the most Its a powder that you just put on their wet food cats dont seem to notice it or mind I gave the stressy cat the full dose per day usually evening so I could sleep overnight without being disturbed The other cat had a reduced dose for first few days and Ive already taken them off it after 2 weeks as their behaviour is normal happy cat now

Working a treat by Buddy on 7 February 2014

I have adopted a rescue cat called Buddy he was scared of everything. He has been on Zylkene 75mg for eleven days now and the difference is wonderful. He is not totally cured yet but well on the way he is not hiding as much sits with us and allows us to stroke him he is much more loving. He was a stray for a long time but is learning to appreciate a good home. I will keep him on the tablets for a few more weeks and am sure he won't need them after that perhaps, just at stressful times Ie going to the cattery or fireworks. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to give these tablets a try they are brilliant.