Danish Design Waterproof Duvet - Thick

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£22.99 Medium 90x68cm

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This Danish Design Waterproof Thick Duvet will give your best friend pleasant dreams night after night.


  • Heavy duty nylon cover
  • Waterproof
  • Wipe clean
  • Spare covers available separately

Customer notice: This bed has an increased weight in fibre, themanufacturer recommends to shake and fluff up to return fibre back to its full loft.

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No doggie odour by cefreeman on 31 October 2019

I've had this for my mastiff for a few weeks now and I'm really impressed she loves it too!! Doggie odours from wet damp dog no longer exist amazing !!

Great value by JAX on 26 October 2019

I love this bed it slips under a worktop in my kitchen, it is waterproof and comfortably. It can be wiped of and kept clean, so no smelly material.

Straightforward fine quality by jose-spinks on 26 October 2019

Light-weight but bouncy; comfortable but tough; practical but smart. This bed ticks all the boxes. I could settle down in it myself but I'd have to wrestle my lab for the privilege!

We loved it by Ehocking on 1 October 2019

Five years ago I bought the same product for our young black Labrador puppy. I like the way it is washable for when a wet dog lies down and as it’s waterproof it doesn’t smell of wet dog! After daily use and many washings over the last five years the bed was showing its wear so I ordered a new one and the original is now in the back of the car. Very happy with this purchase and my labby loves it too....🐾🐾

Best on the market by trace_anton on 6 August 2019

I bought one of these beds recently for my two rescue Lurchers to chill out on in the lounge. I was so impressed that I have now purchased a second one for the kitchen. These beds are super deep filled and the dogs just love them. The cover is fully waterproof and the dog hair doesn’t stick. There is no horrid doggie odour.Cleaning is a breeze- a quick rub over with a damp soapy cloth. My saluki x was not bothered by the texture, but my whippet x “princess” prefers an additional cover. I use old single duvet covers which are easily washed. The construction, zip, filling and outer material are all of exceptional quality and are amazing value. These are the first beds that the hounds have not attempted to nibble. I would highly recommend these beds. I bought the large size which can accommodate both hounds easily.

Best bed ever by Michael on 25 July 2019

Having bought many dog beds over my 50+ years of having dogs the discovery of this easy-wipe, soft duvet bed is the best I have found. My elderly dog can't climb into many of the standard beds I have bought over the years but can climb into this one with ease. I would highly recommend these beds and, although they cost more than some, they are well worth the money in my opinion. Easy to clean, waterproof, soft...what more could a dog want in a bed?