Danish Design Bobble Deluxe Slumber Bed Pewter

From £17.99

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This super soft Danish Design Bobble Deluxe Slumber Bed is a sumptuous and stylish cable knit design perfect for super snug and comfy doggy dozing. With a deep, soft, polyester-fibre filled base and high sides, it is superb for cold winter days and nights for your pet!


  • Cable knit design
  • Made from soft pewter and fauz suede
  • Removable base for washing
  • Fully machine washable
  • Made in the UK

Customer note: All fibres and foam in this bed comply with Furniture and Furnishings Fire and Safety 1988 regulations

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Well made and cosy. by brendawhite11 on 22 March 2019

My dog loves this bed, the raised sides keep him warm and feeling secure. It is soft & fleecy inside but very robust and keeps its shape well. Highly recommended.

First Class always by Inge Preston on 31 October 2018

I was looking to replace a tatty dog bed which Tilly had for three years, saw this one in Holley's, but unfortunately they only had one and I needed two, as my other dog Kim is now having trouble getting onto the couch where she decided her bed was. She has taken a few weeks to get used to the idea that she has a nice comfy bed at floor level, which wasn't helped by the fact that Tilly was going between them both. The best are excellent quality, beautifully thick and soft, the sides are high enough for Kim to wedge her head on and lie fully stretched out as she doesn't like to curl up, she hasn't yet been on her back paddling away, but I'm sure now she knows its her bed that it won't be long, and at least she has stopped trying to dig my carpet into a bed pile

Maxi loved his new bed by Neela on 24 April 2018

I bought this bed for my German Shepherd/Lab cross dog who weighs slightly over 30 kilos. He is 6 years old and it was his birthday and we thought that he needs a very comfy padded bed which he will fully fit into. The previous dog beds we had never fitted him fully and he used to always spill out of it. This is the best dog bed I have ever purchased and Maxi loves it so much that even though the weather is warm he insists on sleeps all night in the bed without moving around as usual. It is well made, very comfortable and padded and is especially good for older dogs.

great item by Irena on 10 April 2018

Good quality my Dog love it happy Dog and happy me....

Dog loves when he can get the cat out by Paula Wilson on 20 March 2018

My old boy loves it but would have gone for the next size up because it's so padded

Dark colour by newleaf on 19 March 2018

The bed is very soft and comfy, but much much darker than the picture shows. I was expecting a paler, silvery grey, but the bed is a dark grey (with lighter inside). I have put a colourful blanket on the inside, which helps, but I was hoping to use it 'as is'.