Green Slow Dog Feeder

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Turn your dog’s meal into a challenging game with this Green Slow Dog Feeder and significantly reduce the risk of ‘bloat’.
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Slows the dog down by pppmacca on 15 August 2019

The dog, (cocker spaniel) wasn’t too sure of this at first and found it quite difficult. Now he has got use to it he seems to enjoy it more. Good quality plastic and dishwasher safe too. Makes the dogs dinner last for a good few minutes instead of a few seconds.

Great by HappyLabMum on 13 April 2019

Love this bowl for my almost 2 year old Lab. it has certainly slowed him down with his eating, he almost inhaled food from his previous bowl. I actually have about 5 mins to get some jobs done when he is eating instead of 10 seconds!

Just what we needed by TL on 30 December 2018

I have a very greedy 6 month old Lab, this has taken feeding time from 20 seconds in a normal bowl to around 10ish minuets. Very happy, no more bloating and heaving

Worth it by Alfie on 2 March 2018

My 2 yo GSD eats her food in about 2 minutes out of a regular bowl. It takes her about 15-20 minutes this way; she has to think about how she will get to the food and can only retrieve one piece at a time. It's very easy to clean and there's no additional mess to deal with either as there's no gulping down of the food. I keep the feeder on a rubber mat so that it doesn't slide around (lots of pawing goes on).

Wish I had bought one of these years ago by teddybob1 on 20 February 2018

My dog, a Jack Russell Terrier, like many other dogs used to eat his food far too fast. Then, I saw one of these slow feeders on a tv programme. I ordered one immediately - and now it takes him 15 minutes to finish each meal. This means that he is able to digest his food properly - and I have some time to get other jobs done around the house! It is easy to clean and leave to dry after each meal. Definitely recommended.

Great practical feeder by Mike Jervis on 5 September 2017

We have a Labrador and she would eat her food in 2/3 minutes this feeder slows her down and she takes about 15 minutes to finish,great feeder. I would recommended this feeder.