Floor Grid for Savic Dog Cage

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Keep your dog dry and clean with this Savic Dog Cage Floor Grid which fits over the plastic base tray. Accidents sometimes do happen and this floor grid will allow excess moisture to drain into the tray, and then the tray can be removed for cleaning without disturbing your pet.
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Would keep my Westie dry - if he had an accident by carolgardner115 on 2 January 2016

If my dog was caught short, this grid would allow drainage into the tray below. Without it, he would be sitting in his own mess. Fortunately, touch wood, I have a very clean dog who has not had any accidents to date, but the grid's in place for his protection. Considering I did not agree with caging dogs, I bought this because the Dogs Trust said my dog was cage-trained and I wanted him to feel at home. It turns out that this is the best thing I ever bought! Perfect for my Westie, who made a bee-line for it when I first brought him home. Clearly a safe haven for him.

Excellent item by Piper1955 on 16 October 2014

Grid for Savic dog cage Perfect for keeping pups clean and dry