Supreme Stickles Treats - 2 pack

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Truly yummy for your small animal, these tempting Supreme Stickle Treats are just so tasty! They are bursting with a blend of delicious ingredients and include tasty toppings. Crunchy and fibrous, they stimulate the natural gnawing instinct and can help to keep your pet’s teeth trim. Perfect when you want to give your pet an occasional stimulating and healthy treat.

Designed as complementary pet food for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchilla, they can be hung in the cage, run or hutch to encourage natural gnawing behaviour. It is also really enjoyable to watch your pets having fun with these snacks!


  • A tasty treat for hamsters, gerbil, rats and mice
  • With a blend of delicious ingredients and tasty toppings
  • Fresh from the bakery
  • Made with the wholesome, tasty goodness of natural ingredients

Contents: Pack of 2

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OK by alison on 23 August 2018

Quite a hard stick format. One of my Guineas like it and one is so-so with it. It appears to be ok quality and putting a little dish under it, after hanging on the cage, collects the little fallen seeds which both Guineas enjoy eating.

Special treat! by Bronco on 10 March 2017

These sticks are very substantial, and I only give them as a treat now and again. They last our rabbit quite a long time, though I do know some, that can demolish them pretty quickly! They may seem quite pricey for two treats, but they do last quite a while, ( with our rabbit, anyway)!

Great treat by jc on 4 June 2016

Good value, little furries loved it. Great service too.

sticks by davidka3c on 10 May 2016

rabbits eat um up

Excellent product by Bunnylady on 16 January 2015

I have seven bunnies and sometimes its hard to find a treat that they all like considering how fast they all finished these Id say they are definitely worth buying