FatCat Rubber Neckers

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Grip it, shake it, chew it! Your dog will have a great time with the FatCat Rubber Neckers dog toy! It is fantastically floppy, just the way dogs love it! Made from plush, heavy duty fabric with a fun, extended, chewerific rubber neck, it is the perfect shape for your four-legged friend to carry around in his mouth.
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My Lab loves it. by Lucy on 4 June 2018

Bought this for a lively Labrador who really loves it. It stands up to a pretty strenuous tug of war, and is good as a throw/retrieve toy as well. It's an ugly object to have lying around though!

by jennifercarroll on 22 March 2017

Have purchased fat cat toys before for my border terrier. We now also have a BTpup and these toys really do the job when two terriers are playing tug of war, almost indestructible!

Good to carry round by Mrs K on 12 May 2016

All Fat Cat toys seem to be very durable and this us the same. Good to carry round by the neck and to share as dogs seem to love it when they have all those legs etc flapping as they shake it. Durable toy no sign of any damage so far after a few weeks. Because they seem to be so well made you can play a bit of tug of war with this one.

Excellent by jholmes78 on 18 November 2014

My chih tzu loves attacking it and dragging it about the house Its one of his favorites Excellent for teething Xx

Very sturdy by candide27 on 18 March 2014

My dog usually destroys squeaky toys in seconds but its been several days now and she still hasn't destroyed this one. The smooth texture and absence of fluff means theres nothing she can hold onto to rip and its very solid. I'll be ordering more of them.