James Wellbeloved Cat Adult Natural Moist

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This James Wellbeloved Natural Cat Food Adult is a complete hypoallergenic feed aimed at those with specific dietary requirements.

Available in Lamb and Turkey flavours.

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Jack loves these. by Janet Cosgrove on 1 February 2018

Pricing and prompt delivery service make this excellent value compared to buying from local pet shop. I have one cat, Jack who likes this and one other flavour so no waste - when the sachet is opened this size is a better option to serve his daily allowance. Better than some larger tins which would need to be stored in the fridge then food is too cold to serve right away.

Jack laps it up. by Janet Cosgrove on 10 December 2017

I can't say whether I like or dislike this product because I haven't tasted it. My beautiful cat does enjoy these pouches and cleans his plate as long as I give him small portions over the course of the day. The presentation suits cats as the food is served as small, moist morsels in sauce and clearly smells sufficiently appetising to Jack because he can hardly wait for me to serve.

well balanced nutritious cat food by PHILIP J on 22 November 2017

Ginger our cat had previously been eating a high protein meat diet (cooked wet pouches) which had been giving him constipation and tummy problems (diarrhea). Fortunately we tried James Well beloved Turkey wet pouches and his health has improved considerably.no more tummy problems and toilet is normal without him straining. This product contains around 30% turkey meat and other healthy additions with no additives. Worth considering and well worth the money, to see our cat healthy and happy

by anne on 19 October 2017

My cat loves these.

by anne on 19 October 2017

My cat loves these

Hypoallergenic cat food by CatBalou on 8 August 2017

I didn't realise that this was a hypoallergenic food when I bought it. My cats are fed mostly on dry food but have a packet of wet food each at night. This is quite bland, which is what makes it less likely to disagree with sensitive cats, I assume. My cats are eating it, but I think they'd enjoy something with a stronger taste.