Petsafe Staywell Aluminium Pet Door

From £49.99

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The Staywell Aluminium Pet Door is perfect if your dog is boisterous and would pose a risk to damaging other alternatives on the market. It is hard-wearing and flexible and features a barrier locking system to ensure that you can keep your pet inside when you would like to.

The design includes a tunnel that will enable you to fit the inside section to the outside section through your door and should you need to, this can be cut down. The unit can be fitted in the following places

  • wooden doors
  • brick walls
  • PVC/uPVC/Metal

There are many advantages to fitting a dog door into your door. It gives you the freedom to come and go as you please without having to worry about letting your dog in and out of the house during the time when you are not there. It gives your pet the opportunity to capture some fresh air and exercise and go to the toilet outside when necessary. This freedom means that the relationship between dog and owner is improved.

Don't worry about training your pet to use the new door, simply be patient and allow your pet to discover for themselves that they can go through the door. Give them a reason to use the door for example food, they will soon become accustomed to using this useful product.

  • Manufacturer 3-year warranty

The Staywell Aluminium Pet Door is available in the following sizes:

  • Small 600MlL
  • Medium 620ML
  • Large 640ML
  • XLarge 660ML
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Easy Fitting by Phil the fuzz on 29 December 2018

A good product that now makes the kitchen a lot warmer. Fitting instructions were easy to follow and it did not take long before the dogs were in and out. Only issue for me is the poor plastic bolts that can be easily stretched or broken. I spent a few more pence and got some stronger aluminium bolts. Now no problems.

It’s awful by Ntc1 on 27 December 2017

Constantly blows open, gap all round the edge, magnet at bottom not strong enough to hold it shut. Doesn’t even have to be very windy for it to blow. Gap all down edges so you can feel outside air as a draft. Rain blows in! Looking for an alternative in same size as had wall built to fit around it!

Pet Planet Says: Thank you for your review and taking the time to contact us. We are sorry to hear of the issue with this item. We have emailed you in regards to this. Please accept our apologies. Kind Regards PetPlanet Customer Care Team

Excellent service by smjones0947 on 18 May 2017

Brilliant service, fast delivery and good value what more can I say

Good value by Lorraine Turner on 14 March 2017

Overall happy, Have a medium dog so the medium is perfect, Only problem was our own but we set it as instructed after measuring etc, but as the pvc door has window on top half there is a lip half way down, and infortunately we can't slide the closer into it

by cordelectrical on 13 March 2017

'It was perfect'. We've always had a dog flap, but on & off since we acquired our rather long bodied and long tailed Cocker Spaniel, she often caught her tail between the frame of the flap and the plastic 'surround' which comes down with the flap as the dogs goes through. After the last more serious time of catching, we realised we had to see if there were any other designs out there. This 'Staywell' one from Pet Planet, was the only one we found which had just the flap only to get through, so nothing else to follow and catch her tail. Life is much more relaxed now as we are no longer worrying about the damage she might cause herself by going in and out.

by Katrin Gehrlein on 1 February 2017