Anti-Slip Splash Pool

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A great, refreshing splash pool that your dog can use to cool off in on hot days. Made from durable polypropylene, it has been specially moulded with a slip resistant floor to keep your dog safe and relaxed whilst splashing about.

It is lightweight for ease of storage and handling and comes with a bung-style plug for draining which also prevents clogging from moulting hair. Give your pet some water fun to keep cool this summer.

  • One piece moulding for maximum strength
  • Will not rust or rot
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
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Dual use / as whelping box by Jan on 25 October 2019

Super buy. Ideal as Whelping box. Mum loved it right away - she can step in and out while pups stay put. Looking forward to using it as paddling pool next year!

DISSAPPOINTED by Buster Bunny on 10 August 2019

We looked at the image shown and not at the dimensions, big mistake. It is much smaller than we had expected it to be. The rubber/plastic plug doesn't fit properly and leaks so it cannot hold more than a couple of inches of water for very long. It is not big enough for a border collie to play in and not deep enough for the water to remain cool enough to be of much benefit. Probably use it to water plants and buy the dogs something more suited to purpose.

Pet Planet Says: We have contacted the customer regarding the issues with the leak, however we do urge customers to please read the dimensions provided before making the decision with their purchase.

good product by dog owner on 8 August 2019

Bought as a paddling pool for a GSP puppy as previous pool had been ripped to shreds. She loved it straight away. Only problem was the rubber bung which she pulled out within a few minutes. I will leave this out until she is older or try glueing it in. There is still enough depth of water in the trough without the bung for her to play and keep cool in.

Great Value by Jayne on 7 August 2019

This is a must for dog owners, my dogs thoroughly enjoyed this bath and it kept them cool in the hot weather

Great by debbiesmael1 on 5 August 2019

Arrived in good condition- no set up time , just fill - dogs love it - if left filled in hot weather does turn green - as do all other pools but this one very easy to clean with a soft broom and then empty and refil with clean water. Only suggestion for manufacturers - different colour ie black / blue this does not go with colour scheme in garden - that's just me

Good tough product by Country Boarding on 25 July 2019

The product is generally what we expected and will hopefully stand the test of time at our kennels where multiple dogs will use this pool. The drain really should have a better plug or perhaps be supplied with a water butt tap.