Pettex Compressed Bale Meadow Hay

From £3.99

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This extra large bale of compressed Meadow Hay is great for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets. 

Meadow hay is a natural untreated product taken from old fashioned, often protected, meadows that are an important part of our countryside and smells sweet and fresh. Cut from an old, established pasture, it is likely to have a diverse range of different grasses, making it cosy and warm for your pets.

  • Dust extracted to prevent respiratory problems
  • Healthy and hygienic

Dimensions: W38 x D15 x H61cm Weight: approx. 3.7kg

Please note: Very occasionally, small hawthorn branches, thistles etc. can be hidden in the long grass and is picked up with the hay.


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Not the same by Guineagirl on 13 June 2019

This used to be the best hay out there but there seems to have been a change. It's now in tiny short lengths, my guinea used to love hiding and making a den in a big heap of hay when it was in long lengths. Now it ends up flat on the cage floor within 5 minutes and looks as though he has none at all. Will have to try and find long lengths elsewhere. Really disappointed.

Not bad by Guineagirl on 12 February 2019

I usually buy the larger bale but only needed a small one so bought this thinking it would be the same but in a smaller bag. The lengths of hay are so much shorter! I buy Pettex over Pets at Homes brand because my guinea pig prefers it and their hay is also in very short pieces but will not be buying the Pettex mini bale again. He likes to build a nest and sleep under a big pile of hay, with short lengths this is impossible. XL bale only from now on!

Good hay by Pepper1965 on 17 November 2018

Nice clean hay smells good will buy again??????

Good stuff by jade on 10 July 2018

What a relief to find a good hay at a decent price. It smells fresh, nice long strands and the bunnies all approve.

Bunnies love it. by Mandy on 27 February 2018

Bunnies love it, was looking for better quality hay more for bedding for them as I know they always eat some as well so wanted hay that was also good for them. Great price for great product.

Lovely. by christinaelvis on 2 January 2018

Love Rabbit loves this .