Barkshire Automatic Pet Feeder

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This strong, sturdy, portable Barkshire Automatic Pet Feeder has separate trays for food and is programmable for a number of different feeding times.

It accepts both wet and dry food and is easy to cleaned. Best of all, you can record your own personal 8 second message for your pet! This message then autoplays three times to remind your pet when it is feeding time.

Manufactured from durable ABS plastic, it is suitable for small animals and means that your pet will never miss a meal and can maintain a normal eating schedule, even when you cannot be there. It is also ideal for taking with you when travelling or camping with your pet. The batteries should last for approximately 1 year.

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Portable
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Low battery indicator
  • Uses 4 x C or R14 batteries not included
  • Lid lock
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Not a quick fix by cat owner on 6 February 2019

This feeder is enormous - four giant meals for a big dog, so my little cat's food is a bit lost in it, but he copes. It's also a little complicated to get used to at first - multiple layers aligned with small plastic pins - this works, but i am worried that the joining pins could snap off if I am not careful with it, so we will have to see how things go. It's good to have the recorded message, but four large batteries makes it a bit power hungry. Finally, the advert says it has an ice pack space - I assumed that this would be underneath the food trays, but it is not - it is just an option to put an ice pack (if you happen to have one of a size that fits, as it is not supplied) in the water tray which is the lump that sits above one quarter segment of the dish - so above just one of the fours food trays - so that is hardly going to keep all the food chilled. I am not convinced that putting water at the top there is going to work either - have yet to try it but suspect it will spill. So, overall, i guess this may do the job adequately but not as well as i had hoped.

Could be easier by minimose on 5 February 2019

Would be better if it didn't reset back to the beginning if you open it (puppy almost been fed more than once) would also better if your could switch it off which having to reset it every time - Also a pain switching from 12 to 24 hours. Hopefully I don't have to use it too often.

Does what it says on the box. by Debbie on 7 January 2019

Bought these as I was planning on being away overnight during the festive season and didn't want to upheaval of taking the cats to the cattery for one night or inconveniencing family with looking after the cast over Christmas. You can set the timer to feed whenever you want, even add a little voice message to call your cats when it is dinner time. It has an ice box so it can keep the food cool if needed. They are bulky, as you would expect being able to hold 4 feeds, but I expected that. Only downside is that the base unit is quite high, so the cats has to stand to eat, which is not natural. I think for a dog it would be perfect, as they tend to stand whilst eating. Despite this they are perfect if your away for a night and need so help. The cats didn't go hungry, just a little change to their routine. Would recommend.

disappointed by Mike on 20 November 2018

Sorry, this product has turned out be no good for our small cat. We have tried the machine (which works precisely as said) but- our cat who is quite small and less than 2 years of age - could not get her small head into the deep bowl and get all the food out. Have given a 2 score as the product works mechanically but doesn't feed out cat.

Poor quality and too complicate by markparr1 on 19 November 2018

I bought this as a second pet feeder and thought it would be similar to the (basic) one I already have, wrong. It was very hard to unclip, poor quality construction and impossible to program - so after over half an hour trying to figure it out, I gave up and sent it back (at the cost to me of £13). I have since bought a more expensive alternative from a more ‘customer friendly’ e commerce supplier (ie one that offers a no/low cost returns service), which is better quality and easier to use. Moral of the story, you get what you pay for.

Pet Planet Says: Thank you for your review. We have emailed you regarding the issues raised. Kind Regards Petplanet Customer Care

It worked! by Jenny on 13 November 2018

So with short notice weekend away, with no kids left at home to mind the cat, I invested in this device. I had hoped to test it in advance but in the end I had to set it up on the day we left. I'm delighted to say that 'It worked!' In fact the cat wanted to use the feeder when we got back the next day, I guess it looks bigger than her usual bowl... We can go away again for a few more weekends without having to upset the cat by putting her into the cattery. A good investment for all of us. Thank you.