KONG Aqua Floating Dog Toy

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The KONG Aqua is a floating retriever toy that promotes fun and exercise both in and out of the water. Your dog will love Kong Aqua all year round. It has a handy throw rope and the bright orange colour makes it really easy to spot.

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Great by dillonk629 on 1 August 2019

Haven't used it in water yet as my dog tends to just swim up to toys then not bring them back! Its proving popular in the park with most of the dogs. Sturdy and bright but think a chewer would be straight through the rope although I've had no problems yet.

Not indestructable unfortunately by pdw68 on 26 April 2017

Bought these for my German Shepherd who we've had since rescuing him a year ago. He was able to chew through the medium Kong Aqua in about twenty minutes. Fortunately my other half spotted this as he had revealed a metal washer which he was then trying to chew and could easily have choked on. I've put the other two at the back of the cupboard as I can't take the chance of him chewing through them and choking. To be fair, we've had Shepherds for the last seven years and have had lots of Kong aquas and I've never seen them make a mark on them. Just be aware that if you have a particularly strong chewing dog they may get through to the washer.

Useful toy by MrsC on 7 December 2016

As specified. Kongs always good sturdy toys, can't go wrong with the brand. Excellent rope attached, adequate length and strength. Easy to carry in pocket and by dogs.

Good Quality by Kep on 22 January 2015

Still in one piece despite being chewed constantly by a determined pup unlike a number of other puppy proof toys which disintegrate in days Recommended

Goes a long way by Sean on 11 November 2014

A good toy that travels a long way when thrown The first one broke 2nd time I used it but Kong replaced it quickly no fuss The 2nd one got stuck in a tree but the dog liked it so much Im getting another on

The best available by adiahaa on 1 May 2014

My dog a Glen of Imal terrier can chew through anything This kong lasts up to 3 weeks and really keeps him busy and happy Its the orange colour that he loves also