Burgess Excel Tasty Nuggets for Guinea Pigs with Blackcurrant & Oregano

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Burgess Excel Guinea Pig Nuggets with Blackcurrant and Oregano is a complementary food for guinea pigs with added blackcurrant and oregano for extra taste and additional health benefits. It is high in fibre, vitamin C and rich in nutrients to keep your pets healthy and happy.

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Mixed bag is great! by Misty Casper Tommy on 2 March 2017

My vet recommended Burgess products because I used to buy various brands which caused selective eating & weight gain, leading to fly strike. My 2 rabbits & 2 guinea pigs all run free together & share the same bowl so I make a mix up of Burgess mint for rabbits, Burgess black currant & oregano for Guinea pigs and the Burgess country fruity nuggets. It smells delicious & they obviously love it because the bowl is empty at teatime..... ready for refills.

FANTASTIC FANTASTIC PIGGIES LOVE IT X by mariannet1ger on 5 November 2014

Our piggies just absolutely love it and it smells devine I will definately be getting some more otherwise Ill get moaned at x28or is that squeekedx29 Incidentally the rabbits stole a little too

My guinea pigs love it by makittatonge on 30 September 2014

My guinea pigs went mad for this food they absolutely loved it I will be ordering some more very soon Great price

Excellent by helenspringett on 17 October 2011

You must get this for your guineas even if its for a snack to go on top of normal food. I have 7 guinea pigs and often some will like some products but not others but all 7 love this stuff.

My GP s love this by princessruby on 26 August 2011

My guinea pigs thrive on this product, and I love the scent so everyone is happy. Good value too and speedy delivery, Thank you

my pigs love it by akalugin on 5 May 2011