Burgess Excel Tasty Nuggets for Rabbits with Mint

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Burgess Excel Tasty Nuggets for Rabbits is a delicious, complementary food for adult rabbits that is high in fibre and rich in nutrients. Why not offer your bunny a change to their diet? With a 39% beneficial fibre content, you can be sure that your pet is getting exactly what they need.

Excel Rabbit Food is highly nutritious, it contains a natural prebiotic for digestive health, it is fortified with vitamins and minerals for healthy eyes, skin and coat, it has herbs for extra tastiness and natural antioxidants to support the immune system.

This is a natural product with wholesome ingredients.Feeding this complete choice prevents selective feeding.

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My Rabbits love this. by Paula on 26 September 2019

I bought my two rabbits from a rabbit rescue charity and they recommended this feed as a supplement to their diet of freeze dried grass,timothy hay and fresh greens.The charity emphasised that this supplement has all the vitamins and nutrients a rabbit needs to ensure a healthy balanced diet but I was to follow the quantity guidelines on the side of the pack and not overfeed them. Apparently they love it so much that they will go on eating it and become obese.I try and offer a variety of green veg but they always start with the nuggets and don't move onto anything else until its completely gone! So if you asked my rabbits opinion they'd give it 10 stars.

My girls love this food, id not use any other brand!! by rachel1987 on 26 September 2019

This food has been a fav for years with my ladies so id not change a good thing. Also love that it has mint.

Excellent price . by triciahughes51 on 11 January 2019

I have 6 bunnies of varying ages and breed,who simply refuse to eat any other brand than Burgess. My eldest bunny, almost 10 years old has been on this for most of his life and reminds me of a certain brand of battery, he just keeps going!

On a diet and didn't even know by A on 13 November 2018

Love this brand both my little rabbits love it!! Was disappointed to see package arrived and was diet food. Maybe I mis read however the fattest rabbit munches up so fast so probably worked out for the best :)

Somersaults by Gordon on 13 October 2018

The rabbits love this they will turn somersaults for you if you offer them this.

great value, by nic on 12 September 2018

The rabbits have a mix of the flavours and love them.