Hills Feline Sensitive Stomach and Skin

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Science Plan™ Feline Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin is designed to be fed when owners are concerned about: 

  • The non-specific signs of occasional vomiting. 
  • Occasional loose stools, occasional flatulence and/or a 'growling' stomach
  • Their cats' dull coat, excessive non-seasonal hair shedding, dry, flaky skin and/or non-specific itching.

Cats with a tendency to gastrointestinal upsets usually benefit from being fed a number of smaller meals each day.

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by keith on 18 February 2019

Great value.

Waiting for the cat's opinion by Ruth on 26 January 2019

Success,Our cat has eaten the food and doesn't seem to be upset by it.

Really good by Tia sofia on 23 October 2018

My cats have thrived on this food. One cat had sensitive tummy and skin all gone on this food and coat is beautiful. My other cats coat has also improved greatly.

Good for my cat who has a sensitive stomach and fussy appetite. by Michael on 23 February 2018

I soak the biscuits in water and feed them that way to stop my cat from eating too much biscuit and getting biscuit adiction. Otherwise they are a good quality biscuit that doesn’t give my cat a sore stomach.

This is all my cat will eat by lallen on 14 February 2018

I can't remember why we went on to this food many years ago, however this is all he will eat. The pieces are small enough for them to be edible by any age cat.

Thought I would try it by wendy on 13 November 2017

Good value this time as on offer, my cats seem to like it