Cats Best Original Clumping Wood Cat Litter

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Cats Best Original Clumping Wood Cat Litter is made from 100% natural organic fibres, and is a clumping litter that works as a natural odour and germ trap.

Original Clumping Wood Cat Litter is an effective litter that, thanks to the unique JRS-Organic FIBRE700-Technology, functions like a natural odour and germ trap. Moisture and odours are absorbed quickly and long-term by the fibres' ultrafine capillary system. This stops odours developing over a long period of time – all without chemical additives.

  • Compostable and 100 % biodegradable.
  • Super economical and efficient: Base content may remain 4-6 weeks in the cat toilet .
  • Total odour control – No artificial, chemical additives.
  • Excellent absorption – More than 700 % absorption.
  • Organic: from 100 % natural organic fibres.
  • Significantly less waste.
  • For the same output approx. only one third of the weight of mineral products.
  • Waste clumps can be disposed* of in the normal household toilet *be sure to check your local disposal regulations.

This award winning cat litter is one of the most absorbent clumping litters on the market, and with its odour and germ trap it is a winner once again. Not only is this litter kind to your cat and your home, but being 100 % biodegradable it is also kind on the planet.

Cats Best OkoPlus Clumping Wood Cat Litter is a pure natural product, produced from 100 % renewable organic fibre – raw material without artificial and chemical additives. For the production of Cat’s Best Original only the finest organic fibres are used, which come from untreated, domestic fir and spruce wood. These plant products come from well managed forests, and for this Cat’s Best is certified according to PEFC.

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No to packaging by Johanneenright on 23 November 2019

The litter itself is good and ordered this because it is Eco friendly. However, it arrived in a box, so not so friendly. The litter comes in it’s own sturdy package, no need for extra packaging. Yes, I know cardboard is recyclable but this takes energy to do.

Best cat litter by Eileen on 7 November 2019

I’ve been using this for years for up to 4 cats and I find it’s the easiest to keep clean. I don’t flush it.

Best by kat59 on 9 October 2019

It doe's what it says, it's the only one my cat will use.

by Lynn on 8 October 2019
Best ever by grace19 on 23 September 2019

I've used this litter for a few years now and will not be changing. It may be a little more expensive to buy, but because of the way it's used is actually very economical. It clumps and best of all, because it is plant based it can be flushed away down the loo. As far as I kjnow, it is the only one you can dispose of in this way. I love it and so do my cats.

by Margot on 16 March 2019

Its fine for picky cats. Aren't they all. Mine has 4 pooh trays and a garden - which she does not use. But she does use the pooh trays instead of the carpet. The cat litter is thankfully easy to sweep up.