Oxbow Western Timothy Hay

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Oxbow Western Timothy Grass Hay helps keep the gastrointestinal tract of rabbits and small herbivores functioning correctly with it’s high-fibre, low-protein and low-calcium content. It will help prevent obesity, maintain a healthy urinary system and improve overall health. Feeding your guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas on Timothy Hay can also help to lower the incidence of soft stools, intestinal gas and bloating.

Timothy hay is most widely recommended by veterinarians and can be fed unlimited to rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other herbivores.

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by Debra Cox on 7 April 2018

this is the BEST hay I've found for the guinea pigs. It is greenish in colour and is probably very tasty as they get really excited when they see the bag. It is very expensive but if you compare it to buying fresh veg for your piggies it is cheaper. Other types of timothy hay are cheaper but they don't like it as much. I mix with the cheaper stuff to make it last longer

I feel this product is of great value by elegant353 on 19 January 2015

very healthy

Bunnies Love It by Tuija Anttila on 15 July 2014

Finally a hay variety that my picky bunnies love to munch

very disappointed by serifexo on 8 August 2012

My bunnies love this product but a very poor service from petplanet and oxbow and I bought it several times from petplanet. However one batch I recieved was just awful small bits of hay and a lot of dust not the usual long strands of hay I usually get. I contacted pet planet and they refused to deal with me and referred me to oxbow. I got in touch with them and they didn't do anything either complete waste of time and money not to mention my rabbits didn't get decent hay for over a week.

Excellent by B and W on 2 June 2012

Guinea pigs adore this it is very expensive but is the best Timothy hay weve found

bunnies love it by CHRYSANTHOS SIAMISHIS on 31 May 2012