Van Ness Cat Litter Tray

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The Van Ness Cat Litter Tray is a perfect, economic litter box cats. This cat litter tray is manufactured from high-impact, durable plastic and is easy to clean. Use with any disposable liners. Stain resistant. Assorted colours, please allow us to choose for you.


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Great nice high sides so litter doesn't go everyehere by Caz on 26 January 2019
Huge! by Lancashire cat owner on 18 January 2019

This is a big tray, bought for a big but arthritic cat. It has rather high sides, which don’t look easy to make lower. Unfortunately the cat is resistant to new things, and hasn’t used it yet, so I can’t take away the old one it was to replace. It’s good enough quality for its purpose, and very reasonably priced, would accommodate the largest cat breed. Maybe my aged moggy will try it out one day.

Best litter tray Available by James on 25 September 2018

Very well made & the best size for larger cats who tend to miss the tray with their poo & pee.

The perfect size! by Jess on 6 April 2018

Our kitten had grown exponentially and, as a result, outgrown his adult sized litter box. We hoped this XL box would solve his accidents, and it certainly did! He is much more comfortable and confident using it and we are so happy that he feels better with it! Plus, the price was reasonable and it shipped in a flash. We definitely recommend this giant litter tray!

by sheena brant on 26 November 2017
Great value by mizzkitt on 19 June 2017

It fits perfectly in the litter cupboard. There's a line around the inside which I've used as a guide for depth of litter. Measurements quoted on pet planet are the exterior measurements, exactly what I needed. Not quite big enough for my two 5 month old Siamese to get in and pee at the same time but I'm hoping they'll learn to take their turn!