Comfy Cone Healing Collar

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The Comfy Cone Healing Collar is definitely the modern answer when it comes to giving your healing pet the best care.

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Useless by B on 11 April 2018

Purchased prior to my Lurcher being spayed. I found 2 problems with it; Because it is black it’s very disorienting for the dog. Easily removed by my dog (she’s a smart cookie). Ended up buying a medical shirt (onsie) from the vet, which is much kinder and did the job.

So much kinder than the old fashioned cones! by Spinoni Mum on 14 March 2018

Fantastic, easily cleaned, doesn't make a noise when the dog hits something and doesn't wound your legs either!

A must have by PANTHER on 27 February 2018

As my hound has skin irritation, the Collar Cone prevents him from licking the area, thus treatment would work.

Good product by GSD man on 2 January 2018

much better than the hard plastic ones my GSD found it very comfy, but still sulked

A Good Product by Cathy G on 26 June 2017

I bought the small Comfy Dog Cone for my little terrier to use after she had been spayed as it looked more comfortable than the plastic ones the vet uses. It is much better for sleeping in with it being a soft padded material, but I've found the plastic one from the vets is better for her in the day as it's lighter in weight and colour. I think the navy blue of the comfy cone may possibly make it feel a bit dark and closed in.

Better than the normal plastic one by garlic161 on 6 May 2017

Pros:Saves the bruised legs and I am sure it is more comfortable for the dog. Cons: Dog got very hot in it and caused problems with not being able to see through it.