Rosewood Double Sided Soft Protection Salon Brush

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The Rosewood Double Sided Soft Protection Salon Brush is a professional, high-quality grooming brush for your pet.

  • Ergonomic hand and thumb grip.
  • Pin Side breaks up the coat, removing loose hair and debris.
  • Bristle side gives that finishing touch to the coat.
  • Suitable for short, medium and long coats.

Colour: Purple

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sturdy and gentle by ali on 21 August 2019

pleased with this, its easy to brush her gently with it. nice long handle useful for reaching all over - she's growing fast!

Average by Abi on 11 May 2019

Average brush as expected. Probably better to buy separate brushes for specific purposes. I bought this as I didn't know what rescue pet I was getting and since adopting am buying better more specific brushes as this isn't even a very good slicker.

Dog brush by CAT LOVER on 29 October 2018

Not a good brush for a cat! Altho she just LOVES the SMELL of it! Rubs her face all over the bristles! My fault for not reading that it's a dog brush! Which it's probably ideal for a small doggie.

Perfect brush for cockapoo by SB on 11 September 2018

I was looking for a soft bristle brush and came across this dual brush and so glad I got it as the soft bristles did nothing to our fluffy cockapoo puppy. However the harder bristles are perfect. I would not class this as small it’s medium, just right even when he’s fully grown it will be just fine. Great value for money and, robust.

by Polly on 31 July 2018

A very handy piece of kit.

Does what the label says by Georgina Luxford on 19 July 2017

It has two sides and it brushes!