Cushy Cave Minou

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7947_2.jpg 10_Cushy_Cave_Minou_Beige_Brown_Cat.jpg 20_Cushy_Cave_Minou_Beige_Brown_Dog.jpg 30_Cushy_Cave_Minou_Rose_Grey.jpg


The perfect hidey-hole for the perfect puss! This fabulous new range of cat beds will be adored by any cat. Not only is it cosy and comfy for him, it looks stylish too. Made in co-ordinating colours, the plush fabric is soft and comfortable and the flokati covered rim gives it extra appeal. Also suitable for small dogs who want a warm and quiet area for rest and relaxation when it all gets too much!
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Cosy Caves by aresee on 12 September 2018

I initially bought three of these - small size - but was worried as a lot of reviews had said how very, very small they really were and some of my cats are large. However, instantly there was a queue to get inside. They are so lovely and comfortable, so much so I ordered another two and possibly more in the pipeline as the cats are deserting the other beds (and I have dozens of them) for these. So impressed with them, feel like curling up inside one of them myself.

Cosy Cave by mrs o Jenkins on 27 March 2018

This igloo type bed is great, both cat and dog love it, most pets like the security of a hood on their beds. It looks really good as well, very happy family!

by Irena on 21 March 2018

love this bed but wish I had got the medium one instead as the medium my dog love it

Love it! by Sheila on 20 March 2018

My two cats love this bed and quite often both snuggle together in it. Very pleased indeed.

Looks cosy by Angela on 24 February 2018

I bought the smaller one for a kitten that I have not yet got. The bed looks lovely it is smaller than I expected, I know the dimensions are there but it can be hard to visualise. However, I imagine this is a lovely cosy hideaway. Nice and neutral colours although more orange than in the photos.

Relaxed pets by embythesea1 on 22 February 2018

Cat wouldn’t look inside till I put an old t-shirt in (I always use these as easy removable cushion covers) but now it is her very favourite bed when my Yorkie isn’t hogging it! PS She’s old and chunky but plenty of room.